Accessing the online usage tool?

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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

@Ressy wrote:


They just can't seem to understand that some of their customers know more about troubleshooting these issues than they do, and that these customers only call into Rogers as a last resort.  I hate talking to the script reading idiots at Rogers Tech Support.  I cheer if I manage to get someone who knows what they're doing.. 


I have similar experiences with the dail-up tech help. But then we have to expect anything "dial-up" to be a little slow.


I like the one "OK I need to take over your computer to diagnose the problem".  Not on your life bro!...geeeesh !

I been building, putting together, and troubleshooting computers since the 6800 CPU came out wth 384 bytes, in 1972. When I call I am 99.9% sure it's a Roger's problem and I hate being told to unplug my refrigerator and spin around three times to improve my boot-up success.


Yeah, I hear you, but it is hard for them at that end also. They keep most of them in the dark with respects to the system problems so they have to pull BS out of their sleeves. There is always a stigma that passing the problem to somebody more knowledgable on that issue is a personal failure and will go on their PAR report and on they won't get rehired on the kindergarten co-op school  term.


My refrigerator receptical is worn out now though and I need to get one before the stores close. Have to run.


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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

I've had the same issue with the usage tool. No access now for three days. I had to call tech support to find out what it is. Because the phone support for the site was cancelled (phone no. gets you a recording), there's nothing they could do as they, too, have no way of communicating with the site-people (and I, at least, am not installing rogers software on my machine, so chat help is also out).


I re-registered my account, as was requested (in error), but that did nothing except erase all the past usage history which was viewable until then. Current usage, however, remains not available.


I would not even notice this cost-cutting change (canceling the site phone support) if my usage details still worked. The only thing I want from a MyRogers account (usage details) I now don't have as they seem to have gotten screwed in these changes.


Will usage details it return? Who knows.But they did not work half the time, anyway. Website also was crawling today.


I'm really unhappy with the Rogers wbsite. If I'm going to be gouged for my 125GB, at least set up a seperate text webpage with my usage details on it. Instead, I get all this fancy stuff which I don't need, and the only thing I do need (usage) I have no access to?


I'm beginning to think maybe the reason only the usage is now missing from my account is because rogers wants me to go over, so that they could _really_ gouge me with penalties. They definitely get a lot more money from me; it is in their interests to keep the usage details unavalible from me. At least until I become fed up and leave.


It's simple: if an isp imposes (gouging or otherwise) usage limits, give the customers access to said usage. Truly aggrivating.

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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

I agree with you Ethos. There's no excuse for the online usage tool being unavailable. At the very least Rogers should offer an online explanation as to WHY it's down and the expected uptime as any other responsible service company would. Don't know who's running this organization but the character of Basil Fawlty does come to mind.   

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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

@ethos, @dbrown20191,




Thanks for your patience.


Please send your full name, phone number where you can be reached and area of residence to


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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

I have had the same problem.  I can't view my usage at all.  This is VERY frustrating as it has been like this for many days.  I have checked the site many times through out the day and night.  I believe that the "myRogres" must be having some massive technical issues since this seems to be happening to many people.  I sure hope they get this fixed!  I just cancelled my rogers accounts since I will be moving at the end of the month.  I do intend to go back to Rogers but this is kind of giving me some doubts.  Smiley Frustrated  Thanks for your post!

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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

The usage meter is down at the current moment.  To check your usage without calling in you can also use our Live chat support which is available 24 hours a day via the following link .


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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?


Contacting a Rogers CSR on the phone or talking via live chat can be a real headache. The usage tool is unavailable far too often. What a novel idea it would be for Rogers to waive the overage fees in months where the usage tool is often unavailable. Just think of the customer goodwill that could be created.

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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

Also, the online chat is only available to Windows users. So no good to those of us on Linux.
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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

Yeah, the usage tool shouldn't go down so much. There are some of us that rely on it to make sure we stay within our limits. I don't want to accidentally go over, have no clue that I've gone over, and get charged 50 bucks.


I don't want to have to call it in every time either, you spend 20 minutes on the line just to talk to someone and they're not always helpful, in my experience.

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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

The Usage Meter is now working and should be available once you sign into