Accessing the online usage tool?

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I've Been Around
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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?



Yea, after being throttled for 3 straight weeks they kept telling me it must be my router causing the problems.  So finally I went


out and bought a brand new router and installed it - and it changed nothing about the throttling - however less than a week later I


had a threatening  notice from those Kopyright Klown Kops in the United States griping I had downloaded a TV show  (which I


had been doing for two years with no previous problems other than the throttling by Rogers ).  So it was a big improvement - 




By the way I use XP sp3 and the usage tool only works about half the time especially near the end of the billing cycle.  

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

For me the usage tool is STILL not viewable. Mine went blank a week ago after I changed my address - livechat first told me I just had to register my NEW cable acct, which I did yesterday but that didn't resolve the issue. Usage still not viewable. Today I spoke via livechat to another agent who said the IE9 BROWSER is the issue and to change browsers....ha ha, yet for several months with IE9 I had no problem viewing the usage, but coincidentially when my address was changed, since then I don't see it. I refuse to change browsers. And I have COMPATIBILITY VIEW on for, still no usage viewable. So what the heck do I do?
I've Been Around
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Re: Accessing the online usage tool?

Change the user agent in Firefox to a lower version of internet explorer or modify the firefox version to XX.01.1andchange to thatversion then restart.  The dropdown menus will reveal,