Access online but can't on phone

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Access online but can't on phone

It's really an inconvienience to have to wait for a reply for this live chat thing for my problem to be solved I should be able to call and my problem fixed its bad enough the minimum wait time for a Rogers person on phone is 10 to 15minutes I called only to be told they can't access it I love waiting ......…….……


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Re: Access online but can't on phone

Was it a technical issue or did you need account changes done on your account?  If it is technical maybe the other users on the forum can assist.

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Re: Access online but can't on phone


He posted like 3 threads about it a few days go.

Appears there is an issue.. which says he cant assign his rogers account to his myrogers login, saying like they are already assigned, but he never did.. or something akin to that.