ATV channel (Cantonese) CH809

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ATV channel (Cantonese) CH809

My mom has this channel and according to her, ATV in Hong Kong went bankrupt a week ago and all that show on her tv is a red screen saying there is technical difficulties. 


Does Rogers plan to replace it with another Cantonese channel? If not then I would have to call in for her and cancel it as she is paying $10 a month for it. 




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Re: ATV channel (Cantonese) CH809

Hi @airportrocket,


We haven't received any updates on ATV Channel yet. We'll definitely keep you posted as soon as we have any information. However, if you're authorized to make any changes to your mom's package, and would like to do so, feel free to reach us via PM @CommunityHelps and we'll be happy to assist you. 


To learn more about our Private Messaging system, you can visit here.


Thank you,



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Re: ATV channel (Cantonese) CH809

Hello @airportrocket & @RogersZia,

Check out this article: (WSJ)


I also understand that ATV is continuing operations as an online-only broadcaster.  I visited their website (, but can't read the language.  Any news / announcements on that site?