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Does anyone know why rogers wants to cancel Amc?





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I guess none of you even understand how cable channels works. Lets break it down for you all.

It takes BOTH companies to get the channel. Now they could have had a deal but one of them either does not want to pay the money or has issues. No one knows if its Rogers or AMC doing this. Its not only Rogers fault here. I am not saying Rogers should not be blamed BUT you guys also have to get mad at AMC as well as they are the ones pulling the channel..

So instead of blaming just Rogers, blame both AMC & Rogers.


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AMC is requesting you contact Rogers if you want to keep the AMC channel.


marchalice said:
"To be fair to everyone, we should also write AMC that they would be losing customers as well if they try to drive our prices up. I believe that a solid performer like AMC deserves more money for the quality original programming they produce, but not if it will hit the customers pocketbook."

I'd rather pay extra to get a channel like AMC. But instead I'm forced to pay for channels I don't like, don't need and don't watch -- because these are the "basic cable" channels, and you aren't allowed to have specialty channels only.

So, unless Rogers will let me disown and not pay for the crap I don't want, I'd like them to pay for the good television I do want. I don't blame AMC -- they're using a quality product that they produce as leverage. Rogers only leverage is threatening to remove the channel -- which will hurt them as much or more than it will help them in negotiations. We have other options to go to if we want AMC. Does Rogers have another channel showing the same caliber of program? Nope. Not last I checked.

Hey Rogers -- why don't you drop TLC? I'm sure it costs a lot to buy, but the programs suck. No one would miss Honey Boo Boo...  you could probably charge extra for a TLC-free lineup.


They posted that they are sure there will be a positive outcome. 


That doesn't mean squat. Unless they are admitting that they will buckle to AMC's demands in the contract renewal. Otherwise, it could be gone tomorrow without notice.

Whoever is manning the social networking was faced with a PR nightmare tonight and had to respond somehow (or the lack of response would be more damaging.) So they responded without really promising anything. 

The worst part is that we have to give 30 days notice for cancellation... Bet we won't get 30 days notice if our channel lineup goes bye-bye. 


I HOPE they see the light and decide to negotiate fairly to keep AMC. 


I love AMC,, please don't cut this channel, seems that everything is being cut these days, please keep this channel


Would also consider dropping rogers if this happens!


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Retired Moderator

We have no intention of dropping AMC. We are in negotiations and expect a positive outcome. We're surprised and disappointed they would alarm our customers.

Re: HD VIP Package - AMC HD???

Rogers has posted a message regarding this, on facebook, as well as replies here in other threads.

Rogers has no intention of droping the channel.
All the them droping it stuff, was put up by AMC, and not rogers.

Roger is in negotiations with them right now for the channel, and hope for a positive outcome.

Could the channel still go bye bye? Sure.  But not from rogers going 'lets screw people over and drop the channel', but from negotiations falling through, could be something as much as AMC saying "Hey pay us 2x as much or you dont get us" type of thing.


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I am against Rogers removing it happens I will reevaluate by cable / tv service....


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Dang! There sure are a lot of people who are passionate about zombies!


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I see that Rogers seems to be realizing they would be making a huge mistake if they remove AMC. Myself as well as many others I've talked to will definitely drop Rogers if they drop AMC. That network has great shows and plays great movies!!

They should really be working on providing AMC in HD..................not getting rid of it.


Listen to your customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If anything , you should be offering it in HD.  We are already considering moving to BELL FIBE especially because they are offering this channell in HD as well as unlimited internet usage.($2.00 per gig for over usage is just robbery). Personally we don't like Bell but it seems like Rogers lately doesn't give a crap about their customers or quality of their cbale feed. The channels are so digitaly compressed that even HD doesn't look that clear. If You drop AMC that will be our deciding factor in switching to BELL.


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Food for thought rogers if u drop amc i will change to a provider that does offer amc. might just switch my two mobiles two landlines and internet while i am at it.


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Don't really know the reason why,,,but.... from the customer standpoint......why would you want to spend your money on standard definition and on a tier 2 network that does not broadcast in HD? SD is old technology, HD is the status quo. Seeing as AMC is not available in HD and the competition from other sources that Rogers is making available to customers (such as Hollywood Suite) that DO broadcast in HD and are commercial free makes AMC look like a dinosaur and not worth the bandwidth. I personally don't want to view any sort of movie that is not HD, or is edited in any way whatsoever, or is riddled with commercials. The same goes for the serials that AMC broadcasts, 45 mins of program & 15 mins of junk sponsor breaks, there used to be a time when programs ran just over 50 mins, and there were 9 mins of sponsor breaks. Times have changed and we the viewers are the ones who lose out with the current program format we live with. Still HD is the way to go, if one cannot/is not receiving it you might consider upgrading to it because somewhere down the road SD will go the way of the dinosaur.


Well, at least for internet, rogers DOES offer an unlimited addon, just like bell.


As for the AMC outcome.. we will have to see..


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"We have no intention of dropping AMC. We are in negotiations and expect a positive outcome. We're surprised and disappointed they would alarm our customers."


Then with all due respect, Rogers needs to wake up and smell the communications era they are purportedly in the business of provisioning.


There have been numerous threads on this forum (I started one myself) for quite some time now regarding AMC - one of the most popular specialty channels out there if the huge success of their program offerings are any measure of such.  A simple message from a Rogers representative on this forum from time to time saying something like - 


"We are in the process of negotiating the procurement of this channel, thank you for your continued patronage and patience as we finalise, yada, yada, etc."


 - would go a long way indeed.


Instead of now knee-jerking your responses in a disorganised fashion due to the other party giving you a 101 on how to leverage social channels to enable business.


Hope someone at Rogers is taking notes.


You can act here to request keeping AMC (and ask for HD if so inclined) -






Personaly.. i dont watch anything on AMC currently, maybe other than the ocasional movie, but even rarely at that.

I HAVE considered watching Walking Dead, waiting till i have a weekend free for a marathon.

even if get hooked, i wont be watching it via AMC likely.. even if we had the HD channel.  With netflix, i have access to pretty much all the AMC series, in HD, and the MAJOR advantage is like that 55trucker said above.. NO commercials.  That is a major selling point for me.. can watch 2 shows in a 1.5 hour window no commecials... or the same in 2 hours with commercials.


WIth netflix, (coupled with rogers unlimited internet), im looking at if there are more of some of what i watch avialable as well.


at a very high cost they offer it.


Hello everyone
As I big fan of the walking dead and other shows on amc.... I was upset by the posting I had seen last night non the walking dead. I am glad to say that I have found out that Rogers has no plans of dropping Amc as part of its channel line ups and they are currently in talks with AMC and are expecting a positive outcome. Hopefully this relieves everyone's concerns.


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I've Been Around
I have heard about the cancellation of amc, this message was not sent by Rogers. However, before people get to upset, find out the facts first and then do what they must do. It is safe to say that if amc is dropped from the Rogers line-up, I will be forced to cancel my $300/monthly services with them.


Based on the information from the Rogers rep that "we are currently in negotiations with AMC", i would guess that last nights message from AMC was a strong arm tactic to put pressure on Rogers during these negotiotians. By doing so they accomplish two things: 1) Show Rogers just how many of their customers were watching The Walking Dead last night, and indeed how many customers religiously watch AMC's programming. 2) Give Rogers a small taste of the backlash, and outcry that would come from Rogers either dropping AMC, or not securing AMC HD programming.


I would venture to guess that these "negotiantions" are about securing AMC HD content in Rogers channel lineup, and I would also venture to guess that currently Rogers does not want to cough up what AMC and Bell are asking for to secure these rights. One of Rogers negotiating chips may be, "well we can simply drop your programming alltogether", and AMC's response via last nights ploy was "really.." let's here what your customers would think of that?


Of course this is all just speculation on my part, but you know what? I'm inclined to think that some of this speculation makes a whole lot of sense from where i'm sitting.


Rogers, you have sat on your hands for far too long in terms of technology upgrades and agressive pricing, and taken for granted the Monopoly you held in the TV services realm. Well guess what, times have changed and i say shame on you for not only letting Bell (who was primarily a telco phone provider) eat your lunch in the TV services, but you also let them bully and spank you in your own damm playground! Rogers, wake up.. you are no longer ahead of the pack, you are in fact way behind on the following:


- TV content distribution

- Competitive pricing

- Product offerings and Technology (more specifically on this point, your supposed "next gen" HD and PVR boxes are using outdated yesteryear hardware, and are merely a software update that provides a more palletable "skin" that replaces the previous SD sickly purple menus with somewhat more esthetic HD Black and red menu's.


Really Rogers? Do you think that all of your customers are soo ignorant that we will just take what you give us and pay what you ask? Do you know why i'm still with Rogers cable TV programming? Because my Condo just happens to have an agreement with you folks, where a package is bundled into my condo fee's. But you know what? Even though i cannnot opt out of my Rogers cable TV package, more and more i am considering just paying twice for TV services and going with Bell TV. That's right.. you heard me.. I would consider paying for Bell TV in addition to my condo fee's which already bundle your crappy Cable TV service!


Although this message may fall on deaf ears, you should really consider that i am not alone in being fed up with you folks. Just look around at the thousands and thousands of complaints that you find from your customers on these forums alone!


Oh and FYI, i already do use CIA, aka Distributel for my internet and home phone services.. which from Day have been truly unlimited (no data caps whatsoever), and way cheaper then anything you folks ask for! I have been unlimited for over 3 years now, whereas just now you folks are gouging customers $10 - $30 in additional billing per month just for that same privelage! Not only are they allot cheaper, but the funny thing is their services run over your own cable, and use the exact same modems, since they lease their lines from you folks. At the end of the day this 3rd party can still afford to make a proffit and thrive by offering the EXACT SAME SERVICE over THE EXACT SAME NETWORK, so customers should start asking themselves, just how much price gouging is going on here?!


A very disatisfied customer!

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