AMC HD in Fullscreen

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AMC HD in Fullscreen

Why can we not watch AMC in full screen?

Have read other posts on full screen and issues with SD vs screen resolution... and to watch HD version of channel.

We are in Ottawa and there is no AMCHD available.

Using aspect ratio (#) does not work as it zooms in too close and you lose the outer 20% of the video.

Please help... thank you


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Re: AMC HD in Fullscreen

Good afternoon @Wazza99,


Welcome to the Forums & Thank you for your post! 


Technically, AMC HD should be channel 482 in Ottawa.


What happens when you tune in to that channel?


If you do not have access to it, could it be because you do not have the appropriate HD digital terminal?


Do you have any problems with other high definition channels?


Please provide us with additional information, we would love to help you! Smiley Wink



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Re: AMC HD in Fullscreen

Hi @Wazza99,


What digital box do you have? Do you have the new Navigatr guide on your box? AMCHD should be channel 482. Channel 32 should be AMC but it's auto HD, however if you want to check both channels (328 AMCSD and 482AMCHD), please check to see if you get a full screen on either of those channels. 


Try the following: 


Click Settings > Appearance > TV Type > 1080i HDTV

                                                    > Video Output > Normal


Also make sure that your TV picture size is set to widescreen (If you have a widescreen TV). Sometimes the settings on the TV itself may not be correct.