A very annoyed Rogers Customer

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A very annoyed Rogers Customer

I don't understand the logic behind having an online service to check your data usage if it is merely an estimation.


I was charged an extra $15.00 on my bill this month and when I called I was told by the rep that I had gone over my data. I told her that wasn't possible because I was checking right up to April 30 and it never said that I was over anything, only that I had used 75% of the 3GB of data.


That's when I was told that online and even by calling Rogers will only give me an "estimation" and not the exact amount of data used. Basically a person will just have to wait and be surprised when they check their bill. She then went on to tell me that other companies have the same policy but all of my friends that have their phones with other companies (Bell, Koodo, Telus etc) have never once told me of the horror stories that I have had to endure for the 10 years I've been with this company.


So I am letting you robbers know that as soon as my contract is up with my cell phone (December 15th 2015) I will be cancelling all of my services.


A very dissatisfied and fed up customer

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Re: A very annoyed Rogers Customer

Its not that it is an estimate of usage - The problem is that data usage is NOT tracked in real time... 

it's behind 4-12hours.....  I just checked mine and it does state the usage is from 12 hrs ago!!!!! Smiley Frustrated


I general take my 25% warning as my time to stop using anything that occurs high data usage and keep to the basic... 


It is frustratingSmiley Frustrated to exceed the usage (more so when you have done your best to advoid it) 


But, it is the same else where... I know from experience with Telus and Virgin same issue the delay in the usage being shown... 








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Re: A very annoyed Rogers Customer

The person on the phone was wrong.

The usage amounts... ARE accurate.

But as was mentioned.. they are up to 24 hours behind.


So if you say today, get a notice that your at 75% usage.. that 75% was from YESTERDAYS polling of the data.. it does not include anything from that point till the present.

And you mentioned the 30th.

The 30th is your billing date? 
You cant go by the MONTH END as when your usage times reset.  Your usage times go from billing date to billing date.
(mine for exampe is the 24th)

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Re: A very annoyed Rogers Customer

You know you can cancel your cellphone contract June 3rd 2015... you dont have to wait that long, because new wireless code rule . So many roger rep even make people mad. They dont care, its only their job.