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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: 8642

Hi Meowmix,


So, if my 8300 PVR breaks, they will replace it with the 8642? Sounds good to me.


I had a 8642 on loan from Rogers repair group in April, 2013 to see if I could reproduce a bug that appeared  on my 8300 (two programs recording with the same start time - 30% of the time one of the two would fail to record). I had at that time replaced the 8300 twice with all three machines failing in the same way. It has always worked before, so it must be a firmware problem.


I had the 8642 for several days. It worked perfectly. I did over 60 tests to see if I could get it to fail and everything worked as it should. This unit had the old guide installed, of course. We all know the new guide is a piece of crap. (don't get me started Smiley Happy


When I first tried the 8642, it was running with the new guide. I returned it immediately and replaced it with the 8300. This was in the middle of last year when the 8300 was a rental. After that experience, I decided to hold on to the  8300 for as long as possible and when I saw it on sale for $180, I bought one in December.


I do realize that the 8300 has been discontinued, and if they can fix the firmware to eliminate the recording problem, I will be happy to keep it for two more years.


If the only way for Rogers to fix my 8300 is to replace it with an 8642, I would not complain as long as the old guide is available.