8642 DVR Recording Audio Sync Problem?

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8642 DVR Recording Audio Sync Problem?

Had Nextbox for a few months. Had the same general issues as everyone else but nothing I can't handle.

About 3 weeks ago I started to experience a strange problem with the audio of recorded problems only.

Sometimes when I play back recordings, the audio is running slightly ahead of the video. It's totally distracting. Like watching a badly dubbed foreign film.

This issue doesn't happen all the time. Can't detect a distinct pattern yet, but it does seem to happen on some channels more than others.

I have no audio issues when watching live TV and most of the recordings are OK. Rebooting does not solve the issue when it does happen.

Anyone experienced this before or have any idea why this would happen?



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Re: 8642 DVR Recording Audio Sync Problem?

I had that happen last week on 3 half hour shows.
They were all recorded one after the other from the same channe;. I havent noticed it on any other recordings so just assumed that it was a glitch in the broadcast rather than the PVR.
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Re: 8642 DVR Recording Audio Sync Problem?

Usually it is the channel or the show itself. When it happens again, try restarting the video or hit the skip back key. The only other way to fix this is via an external device like an AV receiver or a sound bar. Most of those give you the option to a adjust the milliseconds on the fly.