72 hour call back wait time for supervisor

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72 hour call back wait time for supervisor

Not Acceptable!!! I've given rogers 10 years of my loyality and when i try to do something simple i can't? Never heard of not being able to not cancel a No contract commitment plan/cell phone. Been wasting $12 a month for i dont know how long now. Two names on the account, and both supposed to have full access on any changes, obviously not.  Cannot wait to get this nonsense sorted out. 


Maybe its time to search for a new provider after my contract is up.


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Re: 72 hour call back wait time for supervisor

This applies for Everyone. It's because the call centers are being flooded with calls about the iPhone 5 ad accounts which they want to speak to Managers. This is the reason why. Before the iPhone 5 was out, you could speak to a manager at that second.

Don't stress about it. It's normal and even Bell and Telus Is having this issue.


Also ONLY 1 account holder can be on the account but you will be a level account on there. Level 1 is not allowed to cancel anything.



You should be able to cancel anytime u want. I am guessing u wanted to speak to a manager that's why u got the 72 hour response. BTW they will call u within 24 -48 hours. Sometimes it takes 72 hours depending on how many calls they need to make.