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60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey Guys,


Can anyone please confirm the specifics of this promotional wireless plan?  I switched to it last night and I got through to a rep this morning after a lengthy wait but they were not able to confirm if the extra 5 gigs stays on after 2 years or not.  The website I read had screenshots confirming that the 10 gigs is now a perm feature and does not drop off after 2 years.  How can I tell that they added this to my account properly and after 2 years I won't go back to 5 gigs.



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Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

I'm a Senior Advisor

And remember that once you complete your discussion with Community helps, if you are not satisfied, and my view is that is exactly what you were promised and is found in the notes, that you are very correct back end work can be done to enter codes, it just requires a request from a person to authority and the task is acutally a very easy task for the back end employees. I have had excellent resolution from the Backend.


So if unsatisfied, you still have Office of Presideent, or Ombudsman, although if you haven't done a share a concern via the contact, share a concern, you will need that, then if still unsatisifed with Office of President and Ombudsman, then you can proceed to CCTC.


I do find that I have have many experience where a front end CSR, or supervisor is saying it can't be done, when what they actually mean is that there is no whay they can do it as they don't have the authorities, and rather than directly advising you to use the esclation proces of the share a concern, or taking initiative to forward you directly them selves (I am not sure they have the authority to escalate it the, that it is clear in the policy that we are to do it)


They need to step up and create a creative solution to support you, and providing a clearly unacceptable offer is not creative, it is just working with what is on their screens.  They know that those above their supervisor have the ability to work with the back end and to create solutions.


This is supposed to be the philosophy of all staff to aggressively work with the customer solution to improve the end to end experience and to come up with a creative solution.


The most creative solution available to them is simple, acknowledge that it appears the concern is valid, but they are not in a position to provide the solution being seeked by the customer, so their advice is for them to have it passed to a manaager as part of the escalation proces, and to explain that proces for them, preferrably initatied by them, and if not, at least direct you through the share a concern options.


If you were forced to come here to discuss your issue in absence of a clear dirction, clearly you are having to create your own solutions, and it is a poor end to end experience, as clearly articulated by you.  I would make it clear to the next level that this does not relfect the experience that the corporation claims they want to achieve, they need to work on this still, and let's now review my situtation, what I have been through, and I would like you to be creative and improve my end to end experience, and to rectify the situtation back to what was promised.


Just a suggestion.  Far too often I have heard, this is the best I can do, or the best my supervisor can do, and no mention is made of esclation process and education of my rights as a customer to do so, nor how to do so. Nor do they explain that the limitation at this time is the limitation placed on them in their position and the available positions.


And we all know about back end solutions, they do too, but it is only people with higher authorities in the system, from my experience that can initiate that back end change - in some cases, it has been a phone support call by them to their back end stsff.


Good luck with resolving your issue, I sincerely hope it can get reslved to your satisifaction without too much work.



Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

Come 2019, the promise of Lifelong.... over 24 months was broken .. hey.. its not even 14 months ... 

What made you guys promise LIFELONG ??? 

@RogersCorey wrote:

You're welcome! I'm certain others will have this exact same question so I'm here to make sure it's clear for everyone 🙂





Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan