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60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey Guys,


Can anyone please confirm the specifics of this promotional wireless plan?  I switched to it last night and I got through to a rep this morning after a lengthy wait but they were not able to confirm if the extra 5 gigs stays on after 2 years or not.  The website I read had screenshots confirming that the 10 gigs is now a perm feature and does not drop off after 2 years.  How can I tell that they added this to my account properly and after 2 years I won't go back to 5 gigs.



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Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

I had issues with my visual voicemail with my new 10gb for $60 plan on my new iPhone 8.


So I had the tech disable my voicemails included with the plan except for the visual voicemail.


I just want to know which voicemails were included with my plan so if at a later date I choose to get rid of my visual voicemail, I can downgrade to whatever was included originally, as he stated I can go back to it anytime.


Right now my plan looks like:


  • Billed Usage-Invoice Details
  • Van./Vic. Rate Following
  • Call Forwarding/Call Transfer
  • Call Display
  • Name Display
  • Unltd Text/Pic/Video Messages
  • Unlimited Canadian LD
  • 10GB Data


What am I missing?


Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan


Hello, @hockeyboi


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. Congratulation on acquiring the awesome plan, it comes with Enhanced voicemail. You may want to check the discussion regarding the difference between Visual and Enhanced voicemail. 




Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

I'm a Frequent Visitor

$60 for 10GB deal - ripped off


Frankly, quite upset at the service from Rogers over this incident. Successfully called on the 19th of Dec and got a promise from the rep everything was taken care of and handled and plan was to be changed 48 hours. 


Was advised to call back in 48 hours if I received no email. I confirmed with her several times that if she was sure that I didn't need to change anything over for my number or other changes to my account. Advised everything was great and a Merry Christmas from Rogers. Several accounts with Rogers over the last 10 years and boy, I thought they were the best company. 


Fast forward a few days later, no emails. Called in, got dropped a few times. Went to the store, store confirmed notes on account and said they're probably just taking some time due to the amount of people with the plan to set up. Fast forward another few days, checked in with store and called again, once again - same story, its probably taking a while, but it'll be complete. I did my due diligence and checked in repeatedly.

Fully trusting this company I've been with for quite some time since Fido being bought out by Rogers. I went through the New Years, expecting the changes to be made - Until today finally got through to an agent. Lo and behold, "Dear valued customer, unfortunately although we see all the promises made on the notes for the account, we cannot make the changes because, you know, the plan got grandfathered." I'm sorry, but that is honestly the biggest load of... flowers I have ever heard. There are many ways for a back end system to place a previously grandfathered code onto an account. But instead of honoring the promises made to my account, he said there was nothing he could do other than looking into normal plans. Excuse me? 


Escalating to a supervisor did nothing as well, calmly told her how frustrated I was. Instead, she offered me a plan that was $50 more than my current one, for the exact same 10GB. Let that sink in, she offered a $105 for 10GB plan when the offer that was promised was $60. Are you kidding me? You guys not only dropped the ball, now you want me to fork over close to half of what I'm currently paying at $65. "Oh, in that case, we'll give you a temporary discount, but you know, after that period - the price goes back to $105." 


I really do not see how this cannot be added in - I've worked with two different major telecoms, there are systems in place to escalate these codes up, even if a code was removed, exceptions are sent up - albeit it may take some time. Any other company would honor what was promised and do their best to have this completed. I'm sorry Rogers, but you have sorely, sorely disappointed me on this one. I do not whatsoever, see how you can mess this one up this badly, and display such a blatant disregard for honoring what was promised.




Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

Good evening @Dsiu1,


Thank you for your post & Welcome to the Rogers Community!


I appreciate you took the time to share with us the details of the situation surrounding your price plan change.

I understand that you should not be penalized by the fact that our phone, chat and overall customer service channels were overwhelmed by the amount of requests we were getting.


Although the plan is expired at this time, we do value you as our customer and are more than willing to see if something more could be done to resolve this situation. However, that'll require access to your account.


Please send a private message @CommunityHelps, if you'd like to grant us access to your profile so we can verify how we can further assist you. 

If you're not familiar with how to send us a message, follow the instructions outlined in this Blog. 

Looking forward to your PM!




Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

I've Been Here Awhile
I feel very much the same way, that Rogers doesn't really want to help their customers. Even their special 'retention plans' are more money than other companies new customers plans, OR EVEN THEIR OWN new customer plans! How does that make sense?