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60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

I Plan to Stick Around

Hey Guys,


Can anyone please confirm the specifics of this promotional wireless plan?  I switched to it last night and I got through to a rep this morning after a lengthy wait but they were not able to confirm if the extra 5 gigs stays on after 2 years or not.  The website I read had screenshots confirming that the 10 gigs is now a perm feature and does not drop off after 2 years.  How can I tell that they added this to my account properly and after 2 years I won't go back to 5 gigs.



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Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

I've Been Here Awhile
I wouldn’t have a problem waiting on the phone, the problem is not being even able to queu in the phone. I went to a Bell store yesterday and the store reps said they could switch me then and there, so yes it would be faster if I can’t even queu through Rogers. Like I said, I’m a 10+ year customer and I do have patience and understanding as well as a heck of a lot of loyalty, but it doesn’t seem Rogers is interested in helping me if I can’t even manage to get a form of potential contact.

Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

Thank you for the quick response Roger!


You mentioned it was an extra 5GB promotion but before my post, at another roger's customers post, you said it was 10GB permanent plan?  I have friends that says 10GB on their new plan and they told me to call customers service to get it corrected, hence, being on hold for over 1.30hrs and on counting.






Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @Artroxy

I have a question. Why don't u go to a Rogers store then? If going to the Bell store seems faster why not at a Rogers store?

Just called the Rogers store near me and they told me they are able to do it without any issues.

So why don't u try that?

Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @carmoji

Yes it's a going to show that as per below. I guess they added that tag instead and should show 5 extra GB data as well. Some got the 10GB for $60 plan. It's a mess to be honest.

" Offer ends December 18, 2017 and is subject to change. Available to customers activating or upgrading to a no-term $60 5GB non-share plan with unlimited Canada-wide calling, unlimited messaging, Roam Like Home, caller ID, name display and enhanced voicemail. Available to new or existing customers who activate or upgrade to a non-share line on an eligible plan. Connection fee of $25/line applies to activate your services. Early cancellation fees apply."

Re: 60$ BYOD 10 Gig promotional plan

Hi Roger,


The stores will not help the switch over because they don't get money from helping - i actually went to 3 rogers store yesterday while doing some christmas shopping, and went to 2 wireless wave, they were so busy, they annouced to everyone that was there that they will not be catering to those who are switching plans, they are strictly doing new activations only.


If you don't mind me asking, are you in the Toronto GTA?


The stores that said they will not be assisting are: Yorkdale Mall, Scarborough Town Centre, Markville Mall, Fairview Mall, Eaton's Centre, Shoppes on Don Mills.


This is also an image right now at Markville Mall for Roger's store - Infront of Roger's Store Markville Mall