$50 activation bonus

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I've Been Around
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Re: $50 activation bonus

I can only assume after troubles with many rebates from Rogers that expecting such a rebate to be applied automatically is both naive and wishful thinking. The only rebates I actually received from Rogers were those that I wasted time with various customer service staff and had all my details available combined with a very insistent request. I was just told to apply online to the same link that doesn't exist (for my account anyways) despite having gone through the mail-in process.  A proper response would have been to simply issue me the credit when they can clearly see on the account that none had been issued.


It really makes you wonder if they ever intended to give you the rebate in the first place. Of course, having a third party company handle the rebates always gives them an excuse to fall back on and blame but in the end I still blame Rogers and tell everyone I know.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: $50 activation bonus

I came on here to look up the status of my bonus.. apparently, now, they say I do not qualify and that my my submission doesn't match any new activations.


Funny, as when I went to change to a new pay-as-you-go plan with my new phone I received as a gift for Christmas, the salesperson informed me of this bonus offer.

I asked her if I would qualify, as I was still a Roger's costumer moving from an old plan and old phone to a new plan and new phone.

She assured me that this was fine, because I was activating a NEW phone and moving to a NEW plan.



Such liars.



The status of my bonus gives me information where I can go and speak to the saleperson if I feel this "invalid submission" is wrong. Not very helpful at all considering I did this in person, while home for the holidays. And I don't really feel like flying across the country to go track this person down.


I agree with the other people who have posted... I really think this bonus was never really in our grasp AT ALL!