4k box changing channels vs browsing guide

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4k box changing channels vs browsing guide

I just ended up getting Rogers' 4K box last week.


I noticed something so shockingly stupid and nonsensical. I'm hoping there's a setting whre I can change this. I can't imagine why this would be default. And I have no idea if this is all across Rogers' boxes, whether it's been like this forever, or what... Regardless, it doesn't excuse how illogical this is.


So let me lay this out...


I'm on a channel, let's say channel 500... I can choose one of the the arrows pointing 'up' or 'down' for CH (channel) on my remote. Let's say I choose the 'up' arrow to switch the channel to the next number up.. so if I'm on channel 500, press the up arrow, it would logically go to channel 501. Then 502 if I press it again. Very straight forward stuff, right?


Well, when I'm in the GUIDE mode, if I try to go UP with the arrows on the remote, it will take me from channel 500 to 499. So 'up' actually takes you DOWN a channel. It's the complete opposite when you're in the Guide mode.! Where is the logic in this?


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Re: 4k box changing channels vs browsing guide

@PATRIO  Good point you have made.  Having been involved in many a discussion about Nextbox and its many iterations over time,


If you are looking for logic, or intuitive, Nextbox isn't going to provide it for you.


The only logic is that when you push up with the channel change, you are going "up" one channel.


When you are in the guide, if you push "up", you are going up in the visual guide from bottom to top.


So they have created a non-intuitive, inconsistent way to move through channels.  And yes it is across all boxes, and can't comment if it has always been that way on older boxes - I don't remember anymore. Others may be able to comment.


But be thankful you didn't live through the disasters of the implementation back in 2015 of the Navigatr guide. We at least now have a relatively stable and consistent box, but as for intuitive or logical, some areas are not necessarily so.


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Re: 4k box changing channels vs browsing guide

If you're in the guide, the up arrow goes up the page, which is totally intuitive.  It does the same if you're viewing a list of recordings for example.  If you don't like what the up arrow does when not in the guide, bring up the guide and then use Pg+ (or Pg-) to scan a whole page (5 channels) at a time, which is much faster anyway.  I have no issues with the functionality and I find it totally intuitive, however, I have heard the argument the other way from other people before.

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Re: 4k box changing channels vs browsing guide

Without a doubt, each person develops their comfort level over time with any user interface, but each of us also views the world and understands it in our own ways.


So what is intutitive to one may not be to another, what is easy for one is not for another - and I say this from a life of having a learning disability, mental health as well as being a researcher in learning, teaching, as well as being an elementary teacher and special education teacher - no two people view the world in the same way,


And the way each person views something is correct to them.


One last factor - is that that the guide is visually driven, the channel changer is more of a tactile action, as you can do it with your eyes closed - we all learned that the channel changer before guides went up a channel, and then down a channel.  We now have two different modalities of how to approach chosing a channel.


I still remember using a TV guide on paper, and first using a knob - turn counter clock wise to go up, and counter clockwise to go down, just like a clock, so intuitive to what we already knew.


And when remotes came along (the corded ones), lowest channel to the left, hightest channel to the right with each button - again, intuitive and logical based upon our experience with numbers - numbers (channels go left to right and we go up and down our channels).


Now we have a guide (I never used a guide on the terminal until a few years ago), and there was a learning curve.  Not intuitive when you have spent your whole life.  Logical if you are a designer of visual interfaces and the concept of curser and highlight movement on a visual screen.


Just a learning perspective to why it can seem illogical and unintuitive - while being logical and intuitive, depending upon how you look at it.  A guide is basic a spreadsheet table and moves as a spreadsheet highlighting a cell as we move right and left and up and down - using guides, we could actually drop channel numbers totally, like Rogers has chosen to do in the past with the online guides of channels.


It is all a learning curve.


I just say this to say that I understand both view points - I see the view of the movement in the page view of the guide, and the channel changing - my wife has always used guides and she likes to be there and works her way around - I have always been a channel changer, before guides ever came along, so I still struggle with the guide.


To each their own.


All the best everyone.  Bruce