4642hd no variable audio via HDMI cable

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4642hd no variable audio via HDMI cable



I have a situation where I cannot get any variable audio from the Cisco tuner to my flat screen TV via the HDMI cable.


The tuner is set to variable audio, also set to digital audio in the settings, the TV is receiving audio but it is always *fixed*.

The variable level appears on the screen when pressing up or down on the remote that does nothing, but the only way I can adjust the volume is to adjust the TV's volume.


According to Cisco's user manual on the 4642 the HDMI cable output supports both digital & analog audio, it must do so seeing as the TV supports it as well and is getting audio.


I really do not want this situation when only using the TV for audio as it means more than one remote has to be used and that is a *pain-in-the-back-end*.


The RCA outputs and the digital optical DO provide variable to a receiver when needed, but, that is not always made use of.


Any thoughts?


thx very much



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Resident Expert
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Re: 4642hd no variable audio via HDMI cable

I have always left mine on fixed.


And i program the tv button on the remote, to my TV.

When i am on the CBL button, changing channels, etc like normal, and hit the volume control or mute buttons, it auto controls the tvs audio controls, no other remote needed.

I'm Here A Lot
Posts: 5

Re: 4642hd no variable audio via HDMI cable

That's one way of *getting around the problem*, but that doesn't answer my question as to why this tuner can't/ won't send a variable audio signal to my TV via the HDMI. Personally, I leave my receiver/processor volume static and vary the digital audio signal by the tuner/optical toslink as the Rogers remote default is set to the tuner this is simpler for multiple family members who don't want to fiddle around with various items to function, but with this scenario the Cisco tuner won't let me do that.
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Resident Expert
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Re: 4642hd no variable audio via HDMI cable

I wish i had an anser.  I can test mine tonight to see if i can get it on mine..
While the box is possible that it can do it, with the custom firmware, etc.. it may be disabled? Not sure.. I will post back if i get any findings.

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