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$400 early cancellation fee for Internet??!!

I've Been Here Awhile

I found out recently that a few of my buddies use Teksavvy and Distributel for Internet and they pay $45 for 20Mbps downloads and No month cap on usage...Here I am paying $75 bucks a month to Rogers for 150 gb cap that I seem to go over everymonth and pay overusage charges...Rogers next "tier" is 250gb cap at $125 a month! what a ripoff!


Anyways, I called Rogers to cancel my Internet and they want to charge me a $400 early cancellation fee because I went with one of their 1 year commitments on Internet..


What  a shaft!!! I can't wait to hear what they say when I cancel ALL my rogers services which I pay over $450 a month for!!!!


hahahahahahahahahaha!! buh-bye ROGERS! Hello Bell !!





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Re: $400 early cancellation fee for Internet??!!

I've Been Here Awhile

Better of than I. I picked up a new 6s last month, got my first bill $1400+ dollars. Nobody at rogers can confirm why the data is so high? But one employee advised that there is data leakage from the phone settings whihc nobody made me aware of. They offered to eat 75% of the bill but still stuck me with part of it. I have now cancelled all my rogers services and it's coming to like $1400+ to pay my current bill where the shafted me, and now the cancellation of all my other services. No wonder this family is 4th richest in canada, the conduct legal theft daily.

Re: $400 early cancellation fee for Internet??!!

I havent seen any form of leakage on my wifes 6s.  Its fully up to date, and data is working fine on it.


ONLY thing (which is more OS releated and not specific to that phone), is the low wifi, that it will use cellular as well as a backup. (which can be turned off)

Re: $400 early cancellation fee for Internet??!!

It's not "legal theft". Data leakage on the phone or not, you still receive plenty of notifications in regards to your usage. You get notifications at 90%, 100%, and it even gets blocked completely at $50.00 in overages. The only way for data overages to exceed $50.00 is for you to go into your phone on your browser and accept the additonal charges, data leakage or not.


Really, you should be glad they offered to eat at least 75% of the charges, because from the sounds of it they were perfectly valid and you could've been stuck with the whole amount. As far as the cancellation fees go, well you're the one making the decision to cancel contacts so you can't blame ROGERS for that one.

Re: $400 early cancellation fee for Internet??!!

I've Been Around

i was with rogers since 2011 . i had sold my condo do i moved and still transfer my rogers services in my new place. recently my brother gifted me with an android box. i enjoyed it and decided to cancel only  my cable tv. i still kept internet and phone. rogers gave me a hard time to cancel. they said i am on a 2 year contract. i said i have the service from 2011 in my downtown condo.  why is it that i am on a 2 year contract? why should i pay a 160 penalty  and i am only cancelling a service i dont need and keeping the rest. i was on the phone for 1.5 hours. they said they cant do anything about it. pay up  the cancellation fee.  rogers sucks. be careful..... they think they give you a good deal. ..... 80 per month for home internet. they call that a good deal. really annoyed.

Re: $400 early cancellation fee for Internet??!!

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

My guess, is that when you moved... did you get any different combo / bundle deals when you moved?
Was the bill any less afterward when you moved? (for the same services).

If you took one of these bundles, there is usually a contract term associated with them.. that you need to keep those services for that period of time.

Re: $400 early cancellation fee for Internet??!!

I'm a Senior Advisor

Have you tried going through escalation process before you walk away.  You probably unknowling agreed to renew your contract at some point along the way and the changes may have been minimal that you didn't even think about it.  I know I have done it, and just couldn't be bothered to fight, but If I got hit with big bills like you did, I would work at it for sure - I have done it with some success and some not - not enough for me to walk away yet.


Note the following everybody about this whole discussion about verbal consent - there are some requirements by Rogers and other providers of wireless services, that most of us probably don't know unless you are like me, retired, always read every piece of fine print, and CRTC information on each and every type of service I hold.


Go to


Speficically note the section on "permanent copy"


  1. A service provider must give the customer a permanent copy of the contract and related documents at no charge in the following circumstances:
    1. If the contract is agreed to in person, the service provider must give the contract and related documents to the customer immediately after the customer agrees to the contract.
    2. If the contract is not agreed to in person (i.e. if it is agreed to over the phone, online, or otherwise at a distance), the service provider must send the contract and related documents to the customer within 15 calendar days of the customer agreeing to the contract. If a service provider fails to do this, or if the terms and conditions of the permanent copy of the contract conflict with the terms and conditions that the customer agreed to, the customer may, within 30 calendar days of receiving the permanent copy of the contract, cancel the contract without paying an early cancellation fee or any other penalty.
    3. The service provider must also provide the customer with a paper copy of the contract upon request at no charge, at any time during the commitment period.
  2. The permanent copy of the contract and related documents must be a paper copy, unless the customer expressly and knowingly decides that an electronic copy is acceptable.
  3. A service provider must provide a customer with a copy of the contract in an alternative format for people with disabilities upon request, at no charge, at any time during the commitment period.
  4. Contracts for postpaid services must set out all of the information listed below in a clear manner (items a-m)

Note specifically on expressly and knowingly deciding that an electronic copy is acceptable.


In most people's case, I know this is mine, I have them say to me, I will send you an electronic copy - but have not ask me to explicitly and knowingly replace the paper copy with the electronic copy and if you can prove this, and any interpratation around this stuff must be in favour of customer, at least on the first time - that is why they usually give you something, or waive it fully and advise you this will be only one time because they now treat this as you are now knowledgable, but you can still ask for the paper copy any time - I advise that you do, because your computer storage can fail, or print the copy out, but I make them mail because I don't want to spend my printer and paper money.  and on their side, terms are constantly changing with new contracts, and it can be very hard to figure out what your terms are.  I got caught recently where they pulled a voice conversation from 7 years ago (front line CSR's don't have access that far back, they are archived), and I had agreed to a 2 year extension of my contract, that now put terms in place that I had forgotten about.  I had agreed suppossedly by saying ok to they would keep all my contract the same for the next two years. I couldn't really dispute it, but I did ask that they send the paper copy of that contract so I have it for my records and when they said they couldn't, I asked for the current contract as required by CRTC, not verbally, but in paper, and not electronic.  You have that right at anytime.


In your case, you have unknowingly accepted a contract extension with probaly those specific cancellation terms, but you do have the right to ask for a copy of the original contracts that put you there, and the voice recording confirmation of how you agreed.  If they didn't offer you a paper version, and you explicitly and knowlingly declined the contract paper copy, you may have a loop whole to argue with - and may also just not be worth it.  I am learning that we all have a choice, if we don't like it, just say I am leaving and do it.  I can live without the service for a while, while I decide again, you will be saving back you money while you search, may get a good deal, in particular if you tell the other company what happened, they will often discount your cancellation fees to get you to come over, or offer additional services of that value, but we don't have to take it, just walk away.  My own daughter just did that two weeks ago and now has a significantly better deal and they paid her cancellation fees in discounted fees for extra months.


If you have accepted the discounted 75%, unfortunately, you have negotiated a solution and if you accepted it, you are stuck, you can't even make an escalation, but you could try.


Know your rights around "verbal and electronic" contracts.  The companies have some responsibilities, that I know they are not doing often in my experiences.  I haven't had to use them to my advantage often, but they are there.  And it is there responsibility to prove otherwise, not yours.


Just trying to educate us all on our rights, and responsibilities too.



Re: $400 early cancellation fee for Internet??!!

Hi @rlim,



Welcome to the Community 🙂


If you'd like, we can take a look into your account for you to verify your charges for the Internet service. Please contact us via PM @CommunityHelps next time you're online. For more information on our Private Messaging system, you can visit here.




Re: $400 early cancellation fee for Internet??!!

I'm a Trusted Contributor

I think one of the issues  at heart here is pricing.  If the pricing is fair and competitive the incentive to want to cancel is not nearly as strong. It certainly seems to be Rogers policy as illustrated by  their advertising to be devious in marketing making necessary the use of fine print to explain plan restrictions and quirks. I think it is a pretty small step from there to the thought that Rogers DOES support those misleading reps . It's just a marketing tactic.

Kind of like the natural assumption that  anyone with over 10,000 posts on this board likely has a beneficial relationship of some kind with Rogers even if it is not considered to be employment.

Just  curious though ... How can GD Kitty say that having the bad reps  is not Rogers policy if he is NOT an employee? Not the kind of info the board members are going to go around admitting to . If it is NOT policy then maybe reducing the cancellation fees would be a good way of  showing customers it is not indeed policy. Smiley Wink

Re: $400 early cancellation fee for Internet??!!

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @barndoor

Because when a company hires a rep, they don't know if the rep will be honest or bad. So yes i agree with Gdkitty Rogers on what he said. I worked for many companies that have had bad reps which have been fired or they just started because the company doesn't see what they are doing ( including my last job at Best Buy).

Again this argument is about the topic and not about post counts or about us working for Rogers or not working for them. Gdkitty including all RE members do this for free without any payment or benefits from Rogers. It's a shame people like to assume things just Because we love to help.

Anyways. All companies have bad apples at the end of the day. The pricing yes needs to change but as for the reps, we as customers can file complaints and also ask permission to record the conversation so that way they won't lie. I have done this plenty of times.
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