4 year contract?

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I've Been Here Awhile
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4 year contract?

I'm quite confused as too where to put this question. It's been on my mind for a year now since I got my blackberry. I didn't say anything when I first got it since the guy made my head spin before I signed this contract but now (for the past 6-8 months) I've been frustrated with my delemma.


I had another contract with another phone that had a year left on it. I had to buy out of the contract before I get a new phone like you normally would but when I got the blackberry he told me that he would have to tack on the extra year I did not use the old phone onto the new one. Now I have a 4 year contract with this phone that has now seemed to want to fritz out on me (ex. the battery wont stay charged for longer than half a day, won't actually charge on the charger, apps seem to open without me touching the phone, freezing, ect.) 


Is that even legal what he did? I paid $200 to buy out of my contract, why did he tack on that extra year? This phone will not make it 3 more years, I can tell you that right now if it is doing this kind of wonky-ness. 


I'm so frustrated and I can't seem to be able to do anything about it without having to pay through the nose for a new phone!


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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: 4 year contract?

That does seem incredibly Odd. I didnt even think the Rogers systems were capable of setting a contract for greater than 36 months. If you still have your original Service agreement i would review that. If not, call rogers and see what is going on and if you really are on a 4 year contract, ask them why, whereas everyone else who does an early upgrade is only resigning for 3.

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Re: 4 year contract?

Also check on your myrogers for your cellphone. There should be a spot for where it would be for an early upgrade. This while it will show a $ value, the big thing it should show when the normal contract end is.