2nd next box in my room?

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Re: 2nd next box in my room?

so would it be best if i visit a rogers store to get this outlet checked out on my account and activate it? then get the box? or it would be done and activated over the phone

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Re: 2nd next box in my room?

You can check on the phone or at the store to see if you have another outlet available on your account. When you get the box first and then connect it up you will still get a screen to call a number to have it authorized. But if you don't have another outlet available on your account, then I don't know what would happen. Maybe when you call the number on your screen it won't get authorized or you will have to pay an extra charge for an outlet.

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Re: 2nd next box in my room?

Call First. Don't go to the store first.

OR call from the store. Customer service needs to validate the outlet. Some stores can do it, but not all. So it's a hit and miss if you just walk into a store without a game plan.


I recommend calling in first. This way you'll know outlets, package and box details. The customer service can also create the order for a quick pick up at the store too if you have the outlet.