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289 GB in one day?

I Plan to Stick Around

I got an overage notice today telling me that I've already exceeded my 320GB monthly allowance. Looking at the daily usage, it shows me having used 289 Gigabytes of data on 12/12, which is crazy.


I have wifi, but have WPA2 enabled, WPS turned off, and a password some 64 chars long. And use AES encryption.


Looking at my router logs for the past month, the only MAC addresses connecting to it are my own notebook.


Needless to say, there is no way in h-e-double hockeysticks I could have downloaded almost three hundred gigs of data in one day. I don't have Netflix, don't play online games etc. and no one but me uses the Internet here in my apartment.


Is there any way to prove that this wasn't me? or to contest this?



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Re: 289 GB in one day?

I'm a Regular

this will happen if you use a torrent application or you have a virus and you leave your system logged in and connected... torrent apps remain resident and running all day all night unless you disable them... and that means multiple threads to and from you system all day and all night


open your network connection and watch the byte counts... you'll know right away if you have excessive traffic coming from nowhere


you can upgrade right away to hybrid 150 for about 15 bucks more and avoid extra costs... otherwise 25 bucks for unlimited



Re: 289 GB in one day?

I Plan to Stick Around

I don't think either is the case with me. I didn't use a torrent application and don't have virus. (most of the time I am running linux)


Looking at these forums, there are too many similar posts with many people having the same issues, some having 300-700 GB download in one day!  Its happening to too many people recently.

Re: 289 GB in one day?

i would still observe the rate of change of your byte counts, both inbound and outbound... using whatever you have at your disposal


i see that others are having the same issues, not sure if they are using linux


i personally have never had a such high bandwidth usage on Windows, but I have had a virus use up a lot of bandwidth once... lucky i caught it in time


best report this to customer service and keep your computer turned off when your not using it until you get to the bottom of this


you can also take screen shots of your bandwidth usage from the router pages and hold on to them in case you need to prove its not you... i would check your router WAN readings now before it gets rebooted... it'll tell you if your network somehow used a lot 


after you get your router screen shots, reboot it and keep an eye on it

Re: 289 GB in one day?

@specimen, can you log into your modem, navigate to the DOCSIS WAN page, copy the downstream and upstream tables and then paste them into this thread please.  I'd like to see the signal levels on your cable feed, which are contained in those tables.

Re: 289 GB in one day?

I Plan to Stick Around

Downstream Channels

                   Power Level:  Signal to Noise Ratio:
Channel 1:  -11.3 dBmV  34.6 dB
Channel 2:  -12.1 dBmV  34.1 dB
Channel 3:  -8.0 dBmV    37.5 dB
Channel 4:  -8.4 dBmV    37.8 dB
Channel 5:  -8.5 dBmV    37.8 dB
Channel 6:  -7.7 dBmV    37.5 dB
Channel 7:  -7.7 dBmV    37.5 dB
Channel 8:  -7.6 dBmV    37.2 dB



Upstream Channels

                     Power Level:
Channel 1:    47.2 dBmV
Channel 2:    47.9 dBmV
Channel 3:   46.4 dBmV
Channel 4:    0.0 dBmV

Re: 289 GB in one day?

 here are the readings from my router.. did a fair bit of downloading today... but 289GB is way out of whack


WAN Receiving 17.30G Bytes

WAN Sending 794.33M Bytes

WAN Up Time 000 days 15h:27m:01s


see what your router has on the meter and you'll know right away what's up


Re: 289 GB in one day?

your downstream power levels are way off... check your WAN usage and see what it says


what's in the DOCSIS Event Log?  anything out of the ordinary?

Re: 289 GB in one day?

Your downstream levels are low, especially the first two data channels.  They should all be at 0 dBmV with a signal to noise ratio of approx 36 to 40 dB.  The downstream range is + / - 15 dBmV.  The upstream signal level is normally in the 36 to 40 dBmV range with a range of 36 to 51 dBmV.  Looking at your first two data channels, it looks like you have noise on the line as well.  You have a cable or connector problem of some type that will require a tech to sort out.  This is really interesting as its the first 8 channel modem I've seen with a high usage problem like this.  All of the others have been CGN3s.  So, you've blown the theory that its just a "CGN3 problem" all to you know what.  What modem are you running?  Fwiw this is the third situation like this that I've seen this week, high usage counts with low signal levels and low signal to noise ratios. 


A couple things need to happen.  Call tech support and have a discussion with the service rep regarding your signal levels and ensure that the issue of low signal levels and noise on the downstream side and elevated levels on the upstream side are noted.  The service rep should have no problem recognizing the problem with the signal levels and should arrange for a tech to visit your home.  As for the overage amounts, my personal opinion is that they should be zeroed out.  Whether tech support or billing does that I'm not sure.  I suspect that the customer service rep that you discuss this with will not be too entertaining of that request.  If so, elevate this to the next level up and keep going up if you have to.


Having said that, you have to be on very firm ground in terms of your network security and of your download / upload habits.  The other thing to consider is the effect of any cloud services that run automatic sync or backup routines for the pc's or laptops on your home network. 


Let us know how that turns out.  I for one will be interested in the results.

Re: 289 GB in one day?

I Plan to Stick Around

That's another thing I've also ruled out. I do use the free versions of Dropbox (2GB) and (20GB) but do not run the local clients all the time - and definitely haven't been running them for days, especially on the 12th - the day where 289GB was seen in usage stats.


I wonder if the signal to noise/line noise could be throwing off Roger's tracking algo?  My router since this summer has been the Cisco DPC3825. But even before that I was using an old Motorola from Rogers that I'd gotten in 2008. On that modem there were times when I thought weird stuff was happening - ie, one or two days a month with 30-40 GB. 


This seems to have affected a lot of people for a long time; if you read through some of the comments, there are scores of people who claim overage charges on days when they weren't even home:

Re: 289 GB in one day?

And there are some users... myself being one... who has NEVER had a off usage day.

Days away, show like 5mb tops (from just online devices in the house checking in, etc).

So its not like its a GLOBAL problem.
There are people with different modems WITH and WITHOUT it.. so dont think its JUST modem issue.


Signal.. is POSSIBLE? not sure how.. but a number of people who have had it, have had off signal levels.
I know my signal is pretty much bang on dead center.. so that may help?

Re: 289 GB in one day?

with a bad signal there is a possibility of high failure (error) rates that could result an an enormous number of retries... you never know what processes can go into a loop somewhere within a system, a router or somewhere out there in the good old network maze

Re: 289 GB in one day?

@specimen, just to check.  Do you use a power bar to plug your computer equipment into, and do you use any surge arrester on your RG6 cable modem feed or ethernet cables outbound from the modem?

Re: 289 GB in one day?

I Plan to Stick Around

No, I don't use any power bar or surge protector.

Re: 289 GB in one day?

I Plan to Stick Around

something else I should mention - on Friday the 12th, the day that the 289GB was downloaded, my Internet connection was crazy slow, and sometime in the evening, I had to restart the modem (by unplugging it). This makes me think there could have been someone, somehow stealing bandwidth (mac spoofing etc)


My usage stats are (even this doesn't make sense):


Daily Usage/Download Usage(MB)/Upload Usage(MB)/Daily Total(MB)

  December 13, 2014 	1,355 	296 	1,651
  December 12, 2014 	289,583 748 	290,331
  December 11, 2014 	3,913 	1,024 	4,937
  December 10, 2014 	3,747 	127 	3,874
  December 09, 2014 	5,581 	1,658 	7,239
  December 08, 2014 	1,196 	783 	1,979
  December 07, 2014 	1,007 	35 	1,042
  December 06, 2014 	2,471 	206 	2,677
  December 05, 2014 	4,466 	1,286 	5,752
  December 04, 2014 	2,235 	272 	2,507
  December 03, 2014 	2,759 	275 	3,034
  December 02, 2014 	3,034 	1,046 	4,080
  December 01, 2014 	2,288 	85 	2,373
  November 30, 2014 	2,893 	99 	2,992
  November 29, 2014 	2,468 	967 	3,435
  November 28, 2014 	5,744 	185 	5,929
  November 27, 2014 	1,788 	1,938 	3,726
  November 26, 2014 	3,378 	1,184 	4,562
  November 25, 2014 	2,111 	43 	2,154
  November 24, 2014 	3,705 	3,236 	6,941
  November 23, 2014 	2,201 	85 	2,286
  November 22, 2014 	5,020 	778 	5,798
  November 21, 2014 	2,710 	80 	2,790
  November 20, 2014 	3,300 	2,355 	5,655
  November 19, 2014 	3,644 	284 	3,928
  November 18, 2014 	2,408 	78 	2,486
  November 17, 2014 	5,433 	2,680 	8,113
  November 16, 2014 	1,765 	40 	1,805
Total Usage (MB) 394,076 MB
Total Usage (GB)384.83 GB
Usage Allowance: 320 GB (327680 MB)
Additional Use:	65 GB
Usage: $130.00



Re: 289 GB in one day?

Oh boy, looks like your router was rather busy or someone was tapped in somewhere.  Next time it happens I would suggest you call tech support and have them create a ticket... they will take a bunch of readings.   Before you do, get your WAN readings out of your router to see for yourself... and then call Customer Service before calling Tech Support.  They should help you deal with this at no extra charge


Check out this post:


q2 says this down the page:


"Rogers has added unlimited data to my plan untill they can sort it out, so that is one less concern, if they have a solution/explanation i will be sure to post it."


Here is another older post where someone else was given a good discount:


If Customer Service won't help, ask to speak to a manager that takes care of retention... there's no way that you should have to pay for any of it.. and if you're getting nowhere, escalate this to the President's office aka the Management Office.   Don't go through what the original poster went through in the first post above... if you read the post from the beginning, its pretty sad what they had to go through.


In the meantime, be sure to change your cusadmin password to your modem.   TechXpert might also be able to help... looks like TechXpert is included with your plan (assuming you have Hybrid 60 with the extra 200GB)... note that TechXpert will follow a procedure to check your system for viruses... its still worth calling them... they must know about this problem


Above all, you should not have to pay for any of it... good luck with this.

Re: 289 GB in one day?

one more thing


if you are not using either of the WiFi bands, 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, turn it off... this may sound stupid but someone might hack in using the out of the box network ID's and passwords... they are too easy to identify as they all have the same pattern

Re: 289 GB in one day?

My understanding on MAC spoofing.
While it can be done (and i think that it quite possibly IS being done in alot of these cases).

Is that, the spoofed address can not be done on the same local node.. has to be done elsewhere.  (wont allow the two same macs on the same node.. but different nodes dont check against each other i guess)


If it was being spoofed... (again on another node)
It SHOULDNT slow down the internet localy on that persons connection.

That makes me lean more towards.. something was connected (via wifi or otherwise).. or something was running... which caused it 😞

Re: 289 GB in one day?

I Plan to Stick Around



Looking at this deductively, it could be one of several things:


1) someone stealing wifi. (very difficult in my position as I've disabled WPS, changed the stock router/modem passwords to ones dozens of chars long--non dictionary words,use WPA2 with AES, no guest account, etc.. possible, but not too likely). There was never anything in my logs other than my own device MAC addresses.


2) some sort of interference in the cable which is making Rogers tracking software go awry or triggering retries (don't think this is likely, as then it would be more of a regular thing, instead of 29 days in the month with 2-4GB and one day with 300GB)


3) MAC on the modem is spoofed/DOCSIS hijacking. This could be the result of the MAC addresses on the modems being recorded/sold even before Rogers got them, who knows. Whoever is doing this could be using some device to only hit each modem sporadically. One thing that all of us to whom this has happened over the past two years have in common, is that the big usage stats are only happening on one day a month. (and happening to a lot of people who apparenty weren't even home when this happened)


4) there is something wrong with Rogers monitoring algo. Eg, there was one day in October where I wasn't even home and everything was off, and I had 4+GB of usage, and the day after when I was home and online all day, there was only 510 MB total.


One thing I can rule out - virus. There are virus in the wild in Linux, but really rare. 

Re: 289 GB in one day?

Its one of these tough things.. to narrow down WHAT it is 😞

If its the algorythim... why its it then constant again? Would likely happen on more/all days? And to ALL users then?

There are some people out there who will beleive that its rogers trying to scam more money out of people..
Possible? Yes... but really they would just be better to raise prices period, etc.
To scam someone ONE TIME to get them to pay overages..upset them.. they leave rogers.
is it worth the $5-20 extra they will get, to LOOSE the ongoing revinue from the person?

Re: 289 GB in one day?

I Plan to Stick Around

gdkitty, I think it could be intrusion or some compromising of the modem via cloning/spoofing MAC addy. The reason I feel this way is that if it were a problem in the line, or Roger's monitoring, it would likely be happing every day.


But, the common thread in all of the other posts I've read where this has happened to others is that it is very sporadic, usually one day a month where there is a crazy huge amount of data transfer. One person reported 700+ Gigs in one day. Most others (myself included) had around 300 GB in one day.


I called Rogers today and spoke to billing and tech. Tech filed a ticket and is going to have a network engineer look at it and get back to me within 48 hrs. Billing said they can't do anything to adjust the bill until there is some consensus from tech dept. They all said that it was a suspicious deviation from my normal daily usage which is 1.5-5 GB on average.