2 Year Plan + 1 Year Warranty = One Sad Soon-To-Be-Former Customer

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2 Year Plan + 1 Year Warranty = One Sad Soon-To-Be-Former Customer

I'll try to keep my level best here, but hours spent discussing this with Rogers support, retention and who knows who else has me seeing red. So to speak.


Contracted to get a Rocket hub a year and a half ago. The unit was the Netcomm 3G10WVR, and the contract was flex-rate for two years.


A few weeks ago, the unti stopped working. The only lights on the panel that are lit are power and WiFi. No 2g/3g, no signal strength. Unit is located in downtown Toronto, I tried it in many locations, including outside of my house and in the country. No signal. Nothing happened to the unit, it just stopped working.


First visit to a Rogers store, the manager said to bring the unit in, and it will be replaced. Second visit to a Rogers store (with unit in hand), told that I had to talk with Tech support first. Third contact, over the phone, confirmed that there was no connectivity, but that there was nothing they could do as the unit was out of warranty, and wouldn't be replaced. Fourth to, oh, eighth contacts had me trying to figure out how it is that I pay over $600 a year for a service that I do not receive.


Here are my options:


1) Do nothing. Continue paying my monthly flex-plan minimum until the contract is up. Cost to me = ~$200.

2) Buy out of the contract. Cost to me = ~$100

3) Purchase a new modem. Cost to me unknown, probably a couple of hundred dollars?

4) Sign up for a new two year contract, "free" modem, stuck in contract for two years. Not interested in this.


So, I'm stuck in a contract with a machine that doesn't work that was supplied to me so that I can pay for and consume services. That I can no longer access.


I am going to buy out my contract and swear once and for all that I will NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER purchase anything else from Rogers, ever again. And, of course, spread the word about about my situation.


Unless... I can find the ONE Rogers employee who understands that they can simply give me a replacement modem (your wholesale cost = ~, what, $25?) and in return I will give you over $600 a year for the forseeable future.


Is this so hard to understand?


I find it humiliating that I am begging you to let me give you $600 a year. Boggled, really.


So, anybody care to step up, do the right thing, and make a customer for life? Or shall I swear off Rogers forever?


Ah, and one other thing: please make Warranty length = Contract length.


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Re: 2 Year Plan + 1 Year Warranty = One Sad Soon-To-Be-Former Customer



I feel your pain.  I also own a RocketHub, but have been luckier than you, and am now several months past the end of my two year contract, and the unit is still working (knock on wood!).  I too have wondered how it would have gone for me had the unit failed.  And what about all of the plans Rogers has for cell phone handsets which I believe offer a no questions replacement on loss or failure?  Why not on a RocketHub???


Here is another option for you.  I don't know where you are located, but I just saw an ad on Kijiji in our area for a RocketHub similar to yours, and the seller wants only $50 for it.  Here is the URL:




I don't know if the above is of use to you, but it is an example of what is available if you do a bit of looking.  This type of equipment has now been out there for a few years, so you should be able to find deals in the used market place.


Also, you should note that your SIM card will work in either of the two Netcomm RocketHubs (3G10 and 3G25) as well as the Ericsson W35.  The one thing to be a bit careful with is the variant of the device.  I personally have seen a W35 with Bell firmware operating quite well on the Rogers network with a Rogers SIM plugged into it.  There are a number of other functionally equivalent devices available out there, but in many cases the firmware is specific to the network for which it was originally sold.


In addition, your SIM card will work too, I think in the many RocketSticks available out there and possibly in many smart phones.  So you may be able to use one of those as well.




ps: I do agree quite vehemently with your comments with regards to warranty on this type of equipment.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: 2 Year Plan + 1 Year Warranty = One Sad Soon-To-Be-Former Customer


I'd be rather cheesed as well... all I can do is offer moral support & wish you the best

Good luck!!!