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2 GB Bonus Data Question

I've Been Around

I’ll make this as short as I can.

First, does “bonus data” count for 24 months or just 1-2 months? If it’s 1-2 months, stop reading, if it’s 24, then read on!

In November 2017 I added a line to my share everything plan. The following week, end of November, Rogers published a promotion on their site advertising a 2gb bonus on any activation of a new phone on a new line of a share everything plan.

I called to say “hey, can I get that?” cause why not right?

The girl I spoke to was lovely and said she couldn’t get it to go but had a workaround for it. Took a bit, but yay, 2gb added to my plan. The following month, I look at my “MyRogers” and it doesn’t show that data so I call.

The rep tells me they can see it but it doesn’t show on my app, so fine, I rarely get that high on data anyways, but nice to know I have a cushion. It’s a phantom 2gb.

Cut to today when I realize I’m almost at max data, without the phantom data and my billing cycle has a few more days. I call Rogers to say hi, can we just confirm this, and they have nothing.

The rep this time just gives me a 2gb top up for two months and she was delightful to deal with. Then sends me to retention to try and get things sorted out since they’re the only ones who can add things on a more permanent basis. The guy is less helpful, says there’s nothing we can do, and that he can see the top up I got in November but it was only for 2 months. I tell him that was in place of an activation promotion that I missed by a few days so they tried to work around it and maybe it didn’t work how they expected.

Anyways, any suggestions? Does anyone happen to have a screen shot of that promotion? Something I should have done at the time and will from here on out.

Thanks for any help, let me know if there’s any info I’m not sharing that would make things easier.



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Re: 2 GB Bonus Data Question


Hello @raksharjun!


We appreciate you joining us in the Community and congratulations on your first post!! 😀


Having extra data on your account is definitely nice, especially when there are multiple lines sharing the same bucket! Please note that we have various data bonus options available on a promotional basis, but they do come and go and are subject to change. They can include different amounts, and the length of each promotion can also vary depending on the offer and the reason why they are being added.


In order for us to get a better handle on the situation, we will need to review your account details and then we can go from there. Please send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on our Private Message system, please CLICK HERE.



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