$16.79 Value Pack versus $12.79 Value Pack

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$16.79 Value Pack versus $12.79 Value Pack

I am trying to change our phone plans to increase the limit of 125 Sent Text Messages per month to some higher number. The LIVE CHAT person says to change from the $12.79 Value Pack to the $16.79 Value Pack but is unable to explain the difference of all the options, as they change between the two plans.


Current $12.79 Value Pack:


  • Call Display with Name Display
  • Enhanced Voicemail
  • 125 Sent Text Messages
  • Unlimited Received Text Messages
  • Mobile Backup
  • Who Called

Proposed $16.79 Value Pack: (some of these may be grouped)


  • Call Display and Name Display
  • Visual Voicemail Plus
  • Unlimited Canadian Text
  • Picture and Video Messaging
  • Rogers Anyplace TV Live
  • Rogers Anyplace TV Mobile
  • Ringbacks

The rep says that I lose Enhance Voicemail, Mobile Backup and Who Called. I knew I was getting nowhere when the rep said that I would still have call display which will show the name and number of the person calling you.


If you do not know what all the plans are, quite logical if you have never had them before, how do you find out the difference? I entered "Mobile Backup" as a search term and all I got was information on a specific phone.


All I really want to do is increase the 125 sent text messages so how does one go about keeping their plan and making it better? I have no idea what the new options are and finding information is next to impossible.


You can not send in an e-mail with your questions any more - you must use Live Chat.


Anyone got any good ideas??



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Re: $16.79 Value Pack versus $12.79 Value Pack

Mobile backup, is something that has to be installed on the phone.. it sort of is like apples 'iCloud' where it will backup contact, pictures, etc incase you loose your phone, etc.  So this may not be necessary for you.


The Who Called, is a feature that TEXTS you who called, when you miss a number... really only good for phones who dont have a call log.. and even my 3 phones ago flip phone had a call log... sort of a useless feature.



For the $4 more... you are gaining the following.
- Unlimited canadian texting

- visual voicemail - pretty much allows you to view your voicemail like emails, play in order of choosing, etc.

- picture and video messaging - can attach pictures with text message and receive ones like that.

- anyplace TV - pretty much allows you to do rogers on demand on  your phone.

- ringbacks - instead of a ringtone, they hear music when dialing you, you can choose the music.. but its knida BLEGH.


So Yes, going to this other plan, you will loose the two things i first talked about.. but gain a whole bunch, inculiding what you want to do with the more text messaging.