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$100 prepaid visa

I've Been Here Awhile

Did anyone else not get these? Was part of a promotion in March for switching to a current plan. That was March 27th, still no visa in my mailbox.




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Re: $100 prepaid visa

Hello @ikotenkov,


Welcome to the Community Forums, and thanks for sharing your experience with us. 


Just as an FYI, for residential customers the shipping times vary based on location. For Ontario customers it's  approximately 60 business days from the date of activation. And for Atlantic customers it's 90-120 days from the date of activation.


Depending on your activation date, if the wait times have surpassed what's mentioned above, please send a PM to @CommunityHelps and we can escalate this matter for further review.


If you're not familiar with how to PM, please follow this link for instructions.





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Re: $100 prepaid visa


Greetings @kurtiscollette!


Welcome to our Community Forums!


I know you're excited to receive your promotional Visa card, I would be too! However it may take up to 60 business days for this card to arrive. How long has it been now?


If it's been over 60 days already, please PM us via @CommunityHelps and we will escalate this matter for further review.


If you're not familiar with how to PM, please follow this link for instructions:




Re: $100 prepaid visa

I've Been Here Awhile

I haven't received mine.  The promotion was still active April 1 when I switched to rogers. We are waiting for 2 of them as we activated 2 lines!  I've called twice regarding this they told me it takes 4-6 weeks so with that said 6 weeks is Friday.   We shall see!   Please update if you get yours.  

Re: $100 prepaid visa

You're online chat said could take up to 30 days. They were supposed to file a ticket and escalate the claim but I never received the email regarding it. I switched my plan March 27th.

Re: $100 prepaid visa

Yup I have gotten the same run around with both online chat and telephone rep!  My request has been escalated yet never any response.  Well apparently the rogers person above said can take "60 business" days.   Seems like no one at rogers has the same reply.  Wonder what will be said in 60 business days! It's very upsetting.  I activated 2 lines and was assured the promotion would be honoured and it would be 6 weeks MAX! I'm at almost 8 weeks!