100 dollar charge added to my bill for equipment

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100 dollar charge added to my bill for equipment

Our touch tablet for home security was faulty which we rent. The tech came over and replaced. 2 weeks later we get our bill and notice $100 equipment charge. I wasn't very happy about this. There was no mention of a charge when the tech was here, plus its a rental. This kinda of practice by rogers is no different then FRAUD. You just can't charge people just because and maybe they won't notice on there bill. This tech knew he charged us and didn't say anything. How many other times has this tech done this and got away with this? This is 100% wrong.

This needs to be followed up and find out why this tech is doing this and check in into his past history with other customers.


Yes we got our $100 credit but not after wasting my time calling rogers and going through the whole routine to get through and explaining everything.


Hoping somebody looks into this and stops this extra billing.



Another upset  customer.




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Re: 100 dollar charge added to my bill for equipment

Hello @Riggernuts


We’d like to help .Addressing the issue you’ve described involves accessing your account. The next time you are online, please send out a Private Message via @CommunityHelps and we can look into your situation further.


Looking forward to your response.



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Re: 100 dollar charge added to my bill for equipment

I am wondering if something else happend.


Still the techs 100% at fault here though.

When swaping rental equipment, etc.. the new one is added to the account.. and the old one, once 'received' as returned, is then 100% removed from the account.
Im wondering, if the tech never handed in/returned the hardware correctly.. causing it to show up as 'not returned' and then were charged for the hardware.


I have had my pannel swapped twice.  First time from same unit to same unit, the last time from the old model to the new.. and both times no additional charges.

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Re: 100 dollar charge added to my bill for equipment

Did you hold on to the paper work showing the eqp returned?  that can always be faxed/email in as proof 🙂 


Also, they can do a track and trace on the eqp.  to see where it went... it is possible its an error