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  Hey Community!   We promised you that we were baking something sweet into your   LG G4   and the day has come!   As of July 21st, Wi-Fi calling for Android will be available on the   LG G4.   Other Samsung and LG Wi-Fi capable devices will be added throughout the year. Stay tuned!   Want to know more about Android Wi-Fi Calling and Eligibilities? Check out the   Rogers Wi-Fi Calling FAQs     LG Wi-Fi Calling: OnBoarding "How To"   On your home screen press “Phone”.       Press “More” in the top right corner of the screen.     Press “Call Settings”.     Press “Wi-Fi Calling”.     Press the link below the Wi-Fi Calling toggle switch to register for Wi-Fi Calling.     Note:   If you are connected to Wi-Fi, we need to verify your phone number through the following steps: Enter Phone Number and press “Get Verification Code” to receive an SMS with your Verification Code Input the Verification Code and press “Submit”.       Accept Terms and Conditions.     Enter your Emergency Address and press “Continue”.     Confirm your Emergency Address.           You will receive an SMS confirming when your registration is complete.     Go back to your Call Settings, (from the home screen, press “Phone”, “More”, “Call Settings”) and toggle the Wi-Fi Calling switch to the ON position.       You’re all set to go. All of your calls and texts will go over Wi-Fi when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
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