Set Up Wi-Fi Calling On Your Samsung Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus

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Hey Community!


We promised you that we were baking something sweet into our Marshmallow 6.0.1 OS update to your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the day has come!


As of May 31st, Wi-Fi calling for Android will be available on the Samsung Note 5.   Later this summer, we plan on launching Android Wi-Fi calling to the LG G4 as well.

Other Samsung and LG Wi-Fi capable devices will be added throughout the year. Stay tuned!


 Edit* As of June 15th, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will have Wi-fi Calling enabled.


Samsung Wi-Fi Calling: OnBoarding "How To"




On Samsung main page, press the icon: “Phone”




On the “Phone” page, press the “MORE” menu on the upper right of the screen




Press the “Settings” menu option to go to the “Call Settings” page.




On the “Call Settings” page, go to the bottom of the page and press the “Wi-Fi Calling” option.




On the “Wi-Fi Calling” page, click on the registration link to start the onboarding

Samsung Rogers English - 6.png



Enter a valid wireless phone number in the field: “Wireless Phone Number”.


Samsung Rogers English - 7.png 



Press the button: “Get Verification Code”

Samsung Rogers English - 8.png



You will receive the Phone Verification Code by SMS.


Samsung Rogers English - 9.png



Enter the Verification Code received by SMS in the field: “Please enter the verification Code”.

Samsung Rogers English - 10.png 



Press: “Submit"

Samsung Rogers English - 11.png 



Accept Terms & Conditions by pressing the button: “Agree”

Samsung Rogers English - 12.png 



Enter the 9-1-1 Emergency Address in the fields:

Country (Select Country)

First Name

Last Name

Address (Street Number)

     (Street Name)

     (Unit/Floor Number)



Postal Code


Press on the button “Continue”.

Samsung Rogers English - 14.png 



Wait for address validation: “Validating Wi-Fi Calling Address"

Samsung Rogers English - 15.png 



Confirm the 9-1-1 Emergency Address by pressing “Use this address”

Samsung Rogers English - 16.png 



“Provisioning in progress” Page will appear for few seconds.

Samsung Rogers English - 17.png



On the final page close the onboarding portal and return to device.




Wait for the confirmation SMS upon provisioning completion.




Once SMS is received, go back to the “Wi-Fi Calling” page and turn the Wi-Fi calling toggle to “ON”.




Wi-Fi Calling icon will appear on the phone’s status bar, indicating that Wi-Fi Calling is connected and ready for use.

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