Set Up Wi-Fi Calling On Your LG G4

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Hey Community!


We promised you that we were baking something sweet into your LG G4 and the day has come!


As of July 21st, Wi-Fi calling for Android will be available on the LG G4.


Other Samsung and LG Wi-Fi capable devices will be added throughout the year. Stay tuned!


Want to know more about Android Wi-Fi Calling and Eligibilities? Check out the Rogers Wi-Fi Calling FAQs



LG Wi-Fi Calling: OnBoarding "How To"


On your home screen press “Phone”.


LG Rogers English - 1.png


LG Rogers English - 2.png


Press “More” in the top right corner of the screen.


LG Rogers English - 3.png


Press “Call Settings”.


LG Rogers English - 4.png


Press “Wi-Fi Calling”.


LG Rogers English - 5.png


Press the link below the Wi-Fi Calling toggle switch to register for Wi-Fi Calling.


LG Rogers English - 6.png


Note: If you are connected to Wi-Fi, we need to verify your phone number through the following steps:

Enter Phone Number and press “Get Verification Code” to receive an SMS with your Verification Code

Input the Verification Code and press “Submit”.


LG Rogers English - 8.png


LG Rogers English - 10.png


Accept Terms and Conditions.


LG Rogers English - 11.png


Enter your Emergency Address and press “Continue”.


LG Rogers English - 12.png


Confirm your Emergency Address.


LG Rogers English - 13.png


LG Rogers English - 14.png


LG Rogers English - 15.png


LG Rogers English - 17.png


You will receive an SMS confirming when your registration is complete.


LG Rogers English - 18.png


Go back to your Call Settings, (from the home screen, press “Phone”, “More”, “Call Settings”) and toggle the Wi-Fi Calling switch to the ON position.


LG Rogers English - 19.png

LG Rogers English - 20.png



You’re all set to go. All of your calls and texts will go over Wi-Fi when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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