Changing/Resetting your Wi-Fi password

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Did you misplace your wi-fi password and looking to have it reset?  Looking to update your current wi-fi password to keep your home’s network safe? Well you are in luck.


Check out this helpful How To video to learn how.




  1. Start by connecting an Ethernet cable from your computer to your modem.
  2. Next, open your web browser and type “” into the address bar.
  3. Login with the username “cusadmin” and the password “password” if that password fails please try your current Wi-Fi password. If you do not know your current password a Factory Reset of the modem is required.
  4. From there, select Wireless from the top menu and click on the WPS & Security tab.
  5. If you forgot your Wi-Fi password, note the password located in the Pass phrase field.
  6. If you want to reset your Wi-Fi password, enter the new password in the Pass phrase field, and then click Save Changes.
  7. Once your device is connected to the wireless network, just test a couple web pages to confirm the connection. If you change your password, you’ll have to reconnect all your wireless devices to the network using the new password you just created.