unwanted text messages...

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I've Been Here Awhile
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unwanted text messages...

From the day I activated an i-phone 3 gs I have received one text message a day with a "win an i-pad" message by answering a silly multiple choice message and texting back to 55 155.


On my last bill I had a $60 add on that seemed to be related for accessing special services.  Rogers customer services quickly credited the account when called and said they would cease but they're still coming.


I have texted back "stop", "stop all" and several other suggested options, all to not avail.


Any suggestions as to how to end to this annoying intrusion or block further messages would be helpful....


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Re: unwanted text messages...

Hello all,


Would just like to clarify.  While we do encourage you to try to stop the messages yourself by replying STOP, END, or STOP ALL, END ALL to the message as these are the usual commands to unregister the service.  The service itself will usually provide the steps on how to unregister.  If you are still having difficulty and the commands are not working Rogers will work with customers on an individual basis to get the messages to stop, this would require a call into customer care.  


If you are not on a plan or bundle and receive any spam message, simply text the 10 digit cellular number of the received messages to Short code 7726 (SPAM) and your account will be credited accordingly on your next invoice.


If you do have a text plan you can use extreme sms to block numbers that are sending you unwanted messages. 



Block text messages from an unwanted source. Owners of the mobile numbers that you block will not be notified that you blocked their number.

Set Up:
To block a number from being able to text message your phone:

1. Using your iPhone or Android™ devices - Go to http://www.rogers.com/m/extremetext to access the set up page.

Other smartphones and mobile phones - text XTREME to 4716 to be sent a link to the set up page or open your mobile browser to access the Rogers Mobile Internet Portal. Select My Account, then Extreme Text Messaging.

2. Select Text Blocker.  

3. Select Block A Number

4. Enter the 10-digit wireless number you would like to have blocked.

5. Click on Block Numbers.

To remove a number from your blocked list or to view the full list of numbers blocked:
1. Select Text Blocker.
2. Select Unblocked Numbers.
3. Click the box to the left of the number, removing it from your list.
4. Then hit Unblock Selected Numbers.

Cost: No charge.





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I'm Here A Lot
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Re: unwanted text messages...

Are you able to block the number that the texts are coming from? Is it an actual 10 digit phone number sending them to you?

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Re: unwanted text messages...

Hi cdnklc and welcome to the community!


Try replying STOP in capital letters, I believe lower case is not enough. If it keeps coming I recommend speaking with customer care again at 1866-931-3282 or trying to find out the name of the sender so you can file a complaint.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: unwanted text messages...

i have texted your suggested response - STOP in capital letters - and will let you know if they do...



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Rogers Employee
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Re: unwanted text messages...

Another common way to stop premium SMS (spam) is by replying with UNSUBSCRIBE if STOP doesnt work.



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Re: unwanted text messages...

I did a quick google search on the number you put above and found a phone number for the company charging you. If when you reply "Stop" you don't get an automated message back advising you have been unsubscribed, then try calling them to manually do it.


Their number is 1-877-777-3891.


Best of luck,

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: unwanted text messages...


Hello. I just received a text message from sprized, and as I have never subscribed to anything like this, I looked it up and read about people being charged for incoming texts they never asked for. I also read consistently that texting "stop" in reply would prevent any further texts, but would not prevent a charge for the one received already. So I immediately called Rogers 611 and had a block put on my account and inquired as to whether any charge was showing for the one just received. The rep said she could not see any yet but that it may still appear and that there would be nothing she could do about that. I would need to deal with sprized to see if I could get the charge reversed. I cannot believe this is legal. And whether or not it is legal, it is the dumbest customer relations move Rogers has made in a while. The forums and boards I am reading are filled with folks who, like me, will simply move from Rogers if this policy is upheld. How could anyone have expected anything different? Wow. 

In any case, I am emailing this now, within a half an hour of receipt of the text and my instant phone call to 611, and am awaiting my next bill with keen interest. I will pursue absolutely every single avenue available to me to ensure I am satisfied on this matter, including ombudsmen, CEOs, the media, and the social media. And, obviously, ending my relationship with the company.

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Re: unwanted text messages...

Noticed this thread and decided to lend some I site as to why Rogers (and pretty much any cell phone provider) will not credit for these text messages. Premium text messages are billed by the company to your carrier from the company that sends them and then your carrier passes that charge onto you. The cell phone company does not make a profit from this at all. Premium messages have been around as long as text messaging has. If you call up your cellular provider they should be able to block them so you stop incurring the charges but I've done customer care for multiple cell phone companies and all of them had the policy of never crediting for them.
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Re: unwanted text messages...

Actually Soma Rogers has been able to credit many people from charges like this. Yes they have the policy but what rep actually listens to the policies? You have reps which lie, give the wrong info & such.

I have had this exact same issue with Rogers & Bell & they BOTH were able to credit me back. Also searching i saw many others with the same feedback as me.

Although i do agree premium texts are billed straight from the company & not Rogers, Rogers does have agreements tho with the companies which let them have access tho.
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Re: unwanted text messages...

I recieved a txt from a number for an Ipad going to http://www.canada.coolsms.info to claim my prize.


How do I stop these **bleep**?