phone for 11 year old

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phone for 11 year old

hi there,


We are looking for a cheap plan for our daughter for her first phone, but of course she would also like an iphone.  All she needs is talk and text.  Does anyone know if Rogers has something like this, without us having to buy a phone?  So a plan with $0 for an iphone (can be an older generation) $30 or less per month.  


We already have a bundle with Rogers, fwiw, with our cable, internet, home phone, and 1 cell phone.





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Re: phone for 11 year old

Hello ksanagan

You could see if any Rogers authorized store or Rogers store has a iPhone 5C for $0 but the plan will NOT be $30 or cheaper. In order to get ANY iPhone or ANY smartphone you will need to have a Everything Shared Plan which is $70+. You can contact Rogers via calling them & make a deal or a plan which will cost you $30 BUT buy the phone second hand off of Kijiji or a cellphone store & that way she & you are NOT locked into a contract.
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Re: phone for 11 year old

Hi @ksanagan


Sonsidering what you’re looking for, I agree with @Meowmix . Here’s another outside the box idea that might help.


I noticed you stated you already have 1 Cell phone with Rogers. By any chance is it an iPhone? If it is you could always upgrade that existing device to a newer model (given that it is not already completed) then give the old device to your daughter. She would need a new SIM card, however this way she could take advantage of one the Talk & Text plans without a contract.


Just another idea Smiley Happy

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Re: phone for 11 year old

It is my opinion that an 11 year old doesn't need an iphone and should be greatful for whatever you give them, but if you still insist on getting them an iphone, I suggest you try finding a secondhand 4S.  Fairly cheap, and no contract required.  I don't know how responsible your daughter is, but I feel that an 11 year old would likely break or lose it within a year.

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Re: phone for 11 year old

I agree, an 11 year old does not  need an iPhone or any smartphone for that matter. Any flip phone internet blocked is sufficient for safety and security.