payasyougo VOICEMAIL! How do I turn it off????

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payasyougo VOICEMAIL! How do I turn it off????

  How do I turn voicemail off on my pay as you go phone without having to talk to someone?  This is unbelievable!  Tell me you haven't actually taken the power to turn off voicemail out of the customers hands. I'm getting 3 calls a day from telemarketers!


   I can not get into my online account. This should be an option when I go to my voicemail or my account settings since it's costing me money!  I have no desire to sit on hold for an hour and then try to explain this to some girl on the other side of the world who barely speaks english.



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Re: payasyougo VOICEMAIL! How do I turn it off????

Rogers call centers are actualy all in canada (unless that has changed very recently).


IF you have access to a land line which is not LD to your phone, you can call in and check your voicemail that way.


I have had a cell since the analog brick phones.. and have never known there to be an option to turn off the voicemail, in any way or form the whole time, at least that i have ever seen/found.

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Re: payasyougo VOICEMAIL! How do I turn it off????

I think you go to your account on and click "add or modify" link then uncheck voicemail box.

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Re: payasyougo VOICEMAIL! How do I turn it off????

back in the day i had to activate a pay as u go line for my dad for work, when i was in the roger store, i was asking questions throughout the activation and the opttion about voice mail came up and i politely asked the sales agent to opt out of it, she complied and said that voice mail is activated by default, but it can be opted out at the time of activation, or later by simply calling customer service and having them remove the feature from the line.  So i had no voice mail but if i did i would have simply called the pay as u go customer care and politely asked them to remove it.  i think because pay as u go uses a different billing platform (MG) than the monthly subscribers (V21) there might not be a way to remove the feature via the online self serve, well there wasnt any way when i last checked when i used to have the account back then.  if ur having trouble simply call them they will be happy to remove it for you

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