in 30min 3G data uasge?

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in 30min 3G data uasge?

I have a phone 4s.

This month I got the bill. and it says only ONE day I used 6G of data.

Of course I called the customer and asked them what is going on.

They told me between 11:14pm to 11:45pm (at home connect to wifi) I used 3G of data. I don’t think it is possible to get that high speed.

Is it possible?


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Re: in 30min 3G data uasge?

Hello ystigger

It all depends on the apps you have left on. Also its known sometimes the WiFi may turn off in sleep mode and 3G will take over. You can fight it with Rogers retentions and see if they do something

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Re: in 30min 3G data uasge?

This is a bit of a late reply, but if you're running iOS 7 you can go in Settings > Cellular and then check the data usage for each app. This could help you narrow down the app(s) that are eating up your data. Some people think that Rogers is scamming them, but often it's actually a glitch in an app that has it consuming a whole lot of data. I've seen that happening with Skype, for example. So if you find an app that's used a lot of data even though it shouldn't, you could turn cellular data off for that specific app.
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Re: in 30min 3G data uasge?

I've found with the iPhones it consumes quite a bit of data just leaving the data on all the time. Like my mom never uses her data and just cause we left it on all the time she used about over 90 megs.