iPhone sending messages on it's own to 2639

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iPhone sending messages on it's own to 2639

My iphone has been getting hot lately when charging.  My battery has died as a result. I did a full restore and when I did, my "Copy text message" option emailed me a copy of a text from number 2639 with the caption STATE.


My device is stock and never been jailbroken. I am not aware of any viruses on my device either.


What is this message? The web has very scarce info on this.


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Re: iPhone sending messages on it's own to 2639

Good evening @Hmm,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Forums! Smiley Wink


Here is what I think happened :


After enabling FaceTime in the settings, your iPhone will attempt to send a "silent text message" (a text you don't know about) to Apple, that registers your telephone number on Apple's servers for FaceTime pusposes.

Apple then returns a "silent coded text message" to your iPhone, that activates the FaceTime within iOS.


After the activation, FaceTime will operate solely over WiFi. 

If there's an issue sending or receiving SMS messages, FaceTime can't be enabled or activated.


If you have an option for text messages included in your plan, you will not be charged for those.


Any other user from the Community experienced the situation described above?


Hope this helps!