iPhone Visual Voicemail No Longer Offered?

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Re: iPhone Visual Voicemail No Longer Offered?

Good evening @Dimundz88,


Thank you for your post! I know how useful the Visual Voicemail feature really is. While the feature itself has not been discontinued, all of our value packs have been. The iPhone Visual Voicemail has therefore been grandfathered. The Live Chat representative provided you with the correct information.


Value Packs are no longer available to Rogers wireless customers, unless you are already subscribed to an existing Value Pack on your account. If you currently have a Value Pack, you should still have all the features it included. If you are an existing customer without a Value Pack, you are no longer able to add one to your wireless account.


For more information, please visit this page.



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Re: iPhone Visual Voicemail No Longer Offered?

So it’s now impossible to add Visual Voicemail on Rogers? 🙃 Fun. I was just going to upgrade to it.