iPhone 6 Plus - Travel to UK/Europe

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iPhone 6 Plus - Travel to UK/Europe

I have a question if anyone can help me out...


I have an iPhone 6 Plus which is currently locked to Rogers (I will unlock it, and meet the 90 day requirement), and I am travelling to England and a few European Union countries in May and June. I was wondering if my iPhone 6 Plus will work on their networks if I purchase an English SIM card? I thought for some reason that Rogers was only on 900 and 900 MHz, and UK/Europe use 850 and 1800, however, I found this information below on the Rogers website under the iPhone 6 Plus specifications page, and wanted to make sure it was accurate: 


850/900/1800/1900 MHz
850/900/1700/2100/1900/2100 MHz
LTE Bands:
700/1700 MHz
So, according to this, the iPhone 6 Plus I have from Rogers is actually quad-band, does anyone know if this is accurate or have you travelled on an international sim in your Rogers iPhone 6 Plus?
Thank you!
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Re: iPhone 6 Plus - Travel to UK/Europe

Hello @bryanfoster87  Welcome to the CommunitySmiley Happy


I can confirm that this information is accurate! I personally have never visited Europe with my iPhone 6 and tested out another carriers sim card. We do have a lot of customer who travel to Europe and roam on their networks. So you should be fine!


Can anyone in the community comment on using iPhone 6 in Europe?



Hope this helpsSmiley Happy




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Re: iPhone 6 Plus - Travel to UK/Europe

Hello Bryanfoster87 & RogersAsif

That is correct!. The iPhone 6 will work in most European carriers. As above the information is the same that Rogers has so i see no reason why it should not work. My friend has gone to Ireland & England & worked just fine there.

Hope that helps!:)
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Re: iPhone 6 Plus - Travel to UK/Europe

Something to look into before heading to Europe is the ROAM Like home ... which is also now ava. in Europe... this could be a solution instead of changing and worrying about SIN cards!