how do i view daily data usage on rogers

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Re: how do i view daily data usage on rogers

Hello @seveiht,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post.


May I know what usage are you unable to view on MyRogers? Is it data or voice? Because I just checked on my end and I am able to tell how much data and minutes I've used in the currently cycle. Also the Accepted Solution you're referring to was absolutely relevant in 2012. However MyRogers has changed quite a bit since then. 


Just need a little more info. to assist you further Robot Happy.







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Re: how do i view daily data usage on rogers

Hi @RogersZia

I want to avoid confusion, it is data usage that i'm speak of.  I can see what my total current usage is.


What I CANNOT see is my daily usage history live on my rogers, nor on my rogers app.  This data used to be available.  Was it taken away? or how can i see this data again.


I know i can see it on my monthly billing cycle, but i want to see it live like i used to be able to.



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Re: how do i view daily data usage on rogers

Hi @seveiht!


We do not offer live data usage updates. You can only see your total and it updates approximately twice a day or every 12 hours.


EDIT: Great news @seveiht! If you're on an eligible Share Everything plan, you can get live updates via MyRogers. If you have an older plan like I do, it only updates once every 12 hours. I apologize for any initial confusion.


If you're suddenly unable to see your usage, it may be that you're on a grandfathered plan. If you'd like us to clarify this for you, please reach out and PM us @CommunityHelps and we'll look into your account!


If you're unfamiliar with the PM process, you can find instructions on how to PM here.




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Re: how do i view daily data usage on rogers

I suspect the person asking the original question finally got frustrated beating his head against the wall to get a simple answer.... since I have the same question,  I assume the wall.


On my bills I can see a daily usage of my data.

I want to be able to see this online during the billing period.

I have added a camera on a remote computer that uses a wireless Hub. And I want to see if my daily data usage has been affected by it.   I have hit my data alert for that device.    I don't want to get to the end of the billing cycle to figure out what is wrong.



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Re: how do i view daily data usage on rogers

Yes a wall is a good description.
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