coverage in my office

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coverage in my office



i wan to share my recently experience with Rogers. i called Rogers technical support yesterday and was told by Moeen that Rogers is not responsible for the indoor coverage. if i want to have any coverage in my office, I have to buy and install a booster by myself. He did not even ask my location and what type of my building it is. and no matter what i asked him, he keeps repeating same words without any response to my questions.


Here i have some questions:


1. If Rogers is not responsible for the indoor coverage as Moeen educated me on the phone? as my understanding, Rogers has many indoor projects and deployed some DAS system in downtown area already. Please correct me if i am wrong.


2. If Rogers has plan to improve indoor coverage, why Moeen never asked my office location and just told me Rogers is not going to do anything if it is related to indoor?


3. As a customer, does rogers assume me to be qualified to install a booster without any permission? If it need to be registered and certified first, Why i was told i can install the booster by meself?


5.  after my converstion with Moeen, i asked him to transfer me to his supervisor, However, i was transfered to Customer Service. I am wondering if this is Roger's routing Procedure? 






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Re: coverage in my office

Hi @liming2460


Perhaps there's a few things we can help with.


Service indoors cannot be guaranteed due to the multiple factors that can impact its quality; building materials, distance from towers, line of sight to towers, depth underground etc.

What does help is the 700Mhz AWS spectrum. As it is a lower frequency it penetrates further than higher frequencies.


If you choose to install or set up a cellular booster, you would be undertaking that on your own accord as some users find that boosters can help in certain areas, especially further out out in the country.


Lastly, what device do you have? As you have posted in the Apple Board, I assume you have an Apple iPhone. If you have the iPhone 6s or 6s Plus the device is WiFi Calling compatible and may be the answer you're looking for.