Wireless Phone Wipe

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Wireless Phone Wipe

I just had my daughter's phone unlocked (iPhone 6)...for $50...she's backed it up and wiped it and put in a new SIM card and is still getting the message that the SIM is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy. I've called 3 times now ....is there a step your technicians are missing?








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Re: Wireless Phone Wipe

Hey @DaveO1,


I got multiple questions for you.

Did you Wipe device as a new phone or from back up? (not the same thing).


Here are the steps that needs to be followed. (Don't skip steps, or you'll run into trouble, except for back up, if that is alread done, then you can start at 2nd step)



1. Back up Through iTunes
Instructions below are for iTunes version 12 or later

  1. Plug your iPhone to the computer via USB cable
  2. Launch iTunes
  3. Click on your device name in iTunes
  4. Under Summary click on Back Up Now


2. Restore your iPhone Using iTunes

  1. Select the Summary tab.
  2. Click on Restore iPhone.
  3. Connect your device to the computer.
  4. Select your iPhone in the device list.Click Restore.
    • Ensure you restore as New (this will wipe all data) and do not restore backup from iTunes or iCloud
  5. After the restore, your device will restart. On your device, go through the Setup Assistant. Disconnect the usb cable from your computer
  6. If you have an active non-Rogers SIM card, insert and test. If not, you can test at a later date


3. Unlocking Your iPhone with a Non-Rogers SIM

(After restore has been completed)

Insert SIM Card

If you haven’t done so already, insert the Non-Rogers SIM card into the device.

Follow Setup Procedure
After you have inserted your Non-Rogers SIM, the setup process will begin. You will have to follow the iPhone setup procedures such as naming the device, connecting to a Wi-Fi network and setting up an iCloud account and other procedures.



I highly recommend, doing this through iTunes directly. It seems to be more smooth process with iTunes rather than iCloud.

Hope this helps!