Voicemail notifications with no new voicemail

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Re: Voicemail notifications with no new voicemail

iOS 14 obviously killed all of the solutions.  Tried them all and I still have the message waiting indicator and when I reset I get the message notification upon restart.


iPhone 8 - iOS 14.4


I believe the issue is with Rogers and not Apple.. I think whatever they are doing for voicemail to text it's . it up. Tried leaving a new voicemail from another phone, called in and right away it said I have now new messages and one saved messages.  So I am guessing that when the message comes in it triggers the read message when it sends you the text; delete it all you want but your phone never receives the "hey the message is gone".  So no point in calling apple, Rogers needs to fix this.


My last resort (which I don't want to do) is reset and reinstall my phone as it takes a while to do.