Voicemail not working

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Voicemail not working

My voicemail is not working.. I can't even set it up.

When I click on Voicemail beside Keypad. It shows like you are calling someone.

It don't allow me to set it up.. What should I do?


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Re: Voicemail not working

That means you do not have visual voicemail on your account. You need to call Rogers (*611) and speak to a rep and have them add visual voicemail into the account.

If you already have it, call them up and ask them to activate it . Sometimes it may not activate and you will be stuck with normal voicemail. That is why it does that.
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Re: Voicemail not working

Depending on your phone package, it may just have regular voicemail, so it calls into the voicemail, like most normal phones.

Like Meowmix said, you can get visual voicemail, which allows you to view/listen/delete them, just like emails.

This often though is at an aditional charge to your exisiting plan, if it doesnt include it already.

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Re: Voicemail not working

I have "call display & voicemail" included in my monthly plan.

For some reason, I have not been able to activate my voicemail. When I attempt to access voicemail on my iPhone 6, it says, my phone number is not recognized.


How do I fix this? 

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Re: Voicemail not working

Hi @dariejane


Welcome to the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


Sorry to hear about your frustrations with your voicemail.

Are you able to confirm if you have the iPhone Visual Voicemail on your account?

You can verify this by checking your bill or logging on to your MyRogers account.

Let us know if you need further assistance.



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