Transfer iPhone data

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Transfer iPhone data

how to tranfer all the informatio from iphone 5 to 5s



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Re: Transfer iPhone data

Plug your iphone into a computer you have, with itunes on it.


Do a complete backup of the device, making sure the APP tab, etc is set to back up your apps, etc.

Then you should be able to do a restore to the new phone 

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Re: Transfer iPhone data

Hello selvaseharan1

As Gdkitty said.... You need to install iTunes on your computer and then plug in your iPhone into iTunes. Once that is done, you can back up your iPhone on iTunes. Please be advised that Music and videos will NOT back up unless they are on your iTunes or computer. U need to set app, contacts, texts, pictures and such to be backed up but music won't be. This is something many have complained about on Apples community forums.