Transfer Unlock Policy

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Transfer Unlock Policy

Hi Everyone,


I recently replaced my iPhone 5 (through Apple Care) as it was dead. The guy at the genius bar told me that they took out the battery and plugged the phone in and nothing happened so my only choice was to replace it with a new one.


My issue: I got my iPhone 5 from Rogers and when the unlocked policy came into effect in March 2013 I got my phone unlocked. When I got my phone from the Apple store I forgot to mention that my old iPhone was unlocked. I talked to Rogers customer care and they told me that the unlock would not be trannsferred to my new phone.


Is this true? I asked for documentation but he didn't have any he could send me. This is unaceptable because I do use the phone outside Canada and now I can't.


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Re: Transfer Unlock Policy

The unlock status is carried with the iPhone itself. Identified by the CPU serial chip. Not sure how much you can do about this.

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Re: Transfer Unlock Policy

You'll have to go back to Apple to get this resolved since they replaced the phone for you.

They control the locking and unlocking of phones, the carriers just deal with them.

Since the phone was replaced by Apple and not through your carrier, the carrier has no way to unlock the phone for you since it was never bought by them (Apple replaced it for you directly).

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Re: Transfer Unlock Policy

Hello neally_boy

As per what AnonymousUser and Wizard said, the carriers can NOT transfer the unlock status. Why? The unlocking is done via Apples ehitr list. When you go to the carrier and unlock a iPhone they will put the IMEI and S/N into Apple's White list data base and the iPhone is ready to be unlocked.

Since your replaced, you will need to contact Apple about this and have them either unlock this one for u or replace it with a unlocked model.

Rogers can NOT do anything about this.
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Re: Transfer Unlock Policy

Rogers is unbelievably frustrating. I had the same issue as the OP, where my faulty Rogers phone (unlocked) had to be replaced and it came locked. I spoke to four different reps and they all gave me incorrect info on the hours of operation of tech support, whether they will waive the 90 days, and if I had to pay the $50 fee again. I've just submitted a complaint up through escalations because of the unsatisfactory service I've received. Rogers basically said that I'd have to pay the fee again and wait an additional 90 days, although one of the four reps I talked to (retentions) said I wouldn't have to do either. 


Anyways, speaking with Apple, they advised to make sure the new IMEI is registered to the Rogers account. They said backup the phone, reset to factory settings, then restore the phone and it should be unlocked. How this works, I am not sure, but this is what they have advised. I believe it has something to do with Rogers registering IMEI's with my account and that my account shows as "unlocked". Might be something worth trying, I am currently in the process.

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Re: Transfer Unlock Policy

Hi Jordanmah

I had actually just posted the following in the main "Iphone unlocking" thread. There is a lot of useful information in the threads throughout the community. I'll put it in a quick quote here to save you the searching though:


@Micolas wrote:

Rogers does honor the timeline and prior status of devices that have been replaced through them though. This would mean that the replacement phone would be unlocked at no additional fee (provided the prior phone was unlocked already) and no wait time provided the prior phone was on the account for 90 days or more. This would apply for Device Protection, AppleCare, Advanced Exchange and all repair programs.


So if your phone was replaced/repaired through the system rathar than an out of warranty replacement and was unlocked previously by Rogers, you can have the replacement unlocked fairly easily.

Not sure why so many people have been given the run around. I was just reading the specific policy for unlocking this morning when I was at work and it's currently in effect. I guess it could come down to how Apple processed the replacement but if it was through your Applecare, it should have been covered and the 50$ fee not applicable provided that your phone was unlocked through Rogers previously, and the $50 fee paid for the device that was replaced. Each IMEI (unique device serial number) would need to be unlocked individually. The unlocked status would not transfer over automatically.


Hope this helps. 🙂


And I hope this gets fixed for you, no need for all the run around.

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Re: Transfer Unlock Policy

Thanks very much for your reply and for providing that information! My iPhone was replaced through AppleCare warranty, so I believe the transfer policy you mentioned should apply to me as well. I appreciate your help!