Person is getting calls from my phone... I'm not making them!

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Re: Person is getting calls from my phone... I'm not making them!

Hello Maco 


Rogers can't restart your phone via their computers.  Rogers did restart their account and it seems like it wasa glitch that went a way thus why the OP never came back.. Sometimes its a glitch that can be gone via a account restart via the carrier. 

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Re: Person is getting calls from my phone... I'm not making them!

This past Thursday I received two phone calls just after midnight - one was from my restaurant i manage and the other was from my boss. There was a power outage through out city so I assumed it had something to do with that. I called my restaurant back and they said they never called me. I then called my boss back who also said he didn't call me. Strange I thought. The next morning I sent my boss a screen shot showing the two missed calls from the night. He confirmed that neither him or the store called. Through the weekend nothing strange. Then yesterday I was out and received a call with a +33 and some other numbers. I ignored it. When I returned to my vehicle I noticed that I had 4 missed call and 4 voicemails. Two missed calls came from the +33 which is a France area code but the rest of numbers were local numbers one which was my bosses cell and the other being my restaurant. The other calls were local from my boss. Two of the voicemails were from the +33 France calls - both were 26 seconds and just dead air. The other two voicemails were from my boss saying he just received a call from my cell but with the +33 area code in front of it. I didn't even call him. So now we've both received phone calls from each other but looking like we are both in France? What is going on? Can anyone explain this? Please help!

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Re: Person is getting calls from my phone... I'm not making them!

Hi @matthewgreen013,


Thank you for your patience and welcome to the Community Forums!Smiley Happy


I can definitely see the inconveniences of both your device and the other device (your boss) receiving calls from eachother's phones with a +33 area code in front of the numbers. If the calls made is not showing in either devices outgoing call history or the calls aren't being answered and there's no response from either calling parties. It would be difficult to determine if this is a case of call spoofing, this is something we would need to look further into. If you're still having the issue, please send us a Private Message to our @CommunityHelps and include two of the latest examples of the date / time the calls were made to your device. You can click here to access your inbox and to learn more about our Private Messaging system, you can visit here.





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Re: Person is getting calls from my phone... I'm not making them!

I have also receives calls from unknown angry people in my area code asking why I am calling them. Most of the time, they just dialled back a number they found on their phone. This week, the same man called 3 times and reached me at the last attempt. 

I have also reveived calls from a Chinese woman and a Chinese man saying hello in Chinese. Then, strangest, someone who spoke English and which could be identified as living in my area code called to ask me if I had received a call from  Chinese woman! The Chinese woman was using my phone number.

I had a long conversation with Rogers people and to make a story short, they could not care less. They said lots of strange calls are made with a nefarious purpose and the only solution is not to answer!

I am at a loss.

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Re: Person is getting calls from my phone... I'm not making them!

@Georges2 the problem here is that there are two phone numbers in use when a call is made, the first is the actual billing number, the next is the displayed number.  As far as I know, there is no law in Canada that prevents anyone from spoofing the displayed phone number, thats the problem that you currently have, someone is placing calls and spoofing or using your phone number as the displayed call number.  So, you end up with a number of irate individuals, calling you to blame you personally for making those calls.  The CRTC does allow certain organizations, such as the police, ambulance, fire fighting, etc, to use or display a different number other than the exact number that they call from.  There isn't any restriction that absolutely requires companies such as Rogers and others to display the billing number, which is the true source of the call.  If there was, this would probably end in a hurry.   There also isn't any economic interest in those restrictions from the phone companies perspective as they get a cut of the pie. End result, consumers end up with spam calls and customers such as you end up with irate consumers blaming you personally.  I think the only thing that will solve this is to complain to the CRTC and pressure them to change the rules.  


Here's a link to a longer explanation:


Have a look at the Canada section.  And, looks like some progress is finally being made:


Personal opinion, if someone is making your life miserable by spoofing your phone number, let the CRTC know about it.  

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Re: Person is getting calls from my phone... I'm not making them!

Many thanks for your complete and thoughtful reply. The CRTC seems geared to Telemarketing problems. 

I think something is more nefarious afoot and the problem does not seem to be addressed. I will follow your suggestion and contact the CRTC.