OS Upgrades iPhone

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OS Upgrades iPhone

I have tried to bring my iPhone back to its original performance but the last upgrade more or less makes it the worst experience with an apple device yet.  The blue tooth connections will simply start to drop or decide not to engage - car or house, recently the phone would heat up and drain its battery - reboot and charge ... all icons that I had organized at one point were relocated to other areas and they are still not back to where they should be ... 28 steps to fix problems maybe - several hours each fix ... it's a phone guys.



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Re: OS Upgrades iPhone

Hello druid7

This is something you need to write on the Apple Community Forums. Rogers doesn't control or touch the updates that Apple sends out. Its Apple.

If you have warranty left on your phone, contact Apple and make a appointment with the genius bar. bring it into a Apple store and have the genius bar tech look at it. They will most likely swap it with another iPhone for u ( Same model as yours)