Not receiving group messages on iphone 12 pro

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Not receiving group messages on iphone 12 pro

I just swapped my iphone 10 to iphone 12 pro and noticed that Im not receiving any of my group messages. I made sure to turn on mms messaging, group messagin, turned phone off and on, etc.  Nothing is working. 


i noticed that i was receiving them on my macbook but not on my new iphone.  

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 





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Re: Not receiving group messages on iphone 12 pro

Hello, @RE8881.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! 😃


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. I appreciate the logical troubleshooting done so far. 


Would you please clarify the following:

  • Did you check if the Cellular Data is ON?
  • What's the iOS version on your phone?
  • Can you get/send text/SMS individual messages?
  • Is the Wi-Fi calling feature turned ON?

Can you try toggling iMessage off, then back ON, and restart the phone?


Community - anybody else experiencing a similar issue on iPhone 12?




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Re: Not receiving group messages on iphone 12 pro

If there are any group message threads that include you open on your friends devices from BEFORE you changed to your new iPhone, have them delete the thread and start over. Or you can try leaving the group, then have them add you again.

It may be an issue with their devices trying to iMessage your old iPhone.