New phone activation

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Re: New phone activation

Hello @peterdev

Next time speak to the Rogers store manager. Explain the situation and give them the Interaction ID number to the phone call which the rep said free of charge for the sim.. They will be able to assist you then and give it to you for free..

I know a few Rogers stores which do that for current customers if they explain what's going on. Some reps don't like doing it and rather take the sale instead.
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Re: New phone activation

I helped a disabled friend today who needed a new phone and SIM card activation. Because of her disability, she needs a cell phone with her at all times in case of emergency. Without a functioning phone she cannot leave her house. I was surprised she could not immediately activate her new SIM card and has to wait hours, but thought it was a random problem. Now I see from this forum that this is not an unique issue just for today, but people have been complaining about the delay in SIM card activation for YEARS!!!! How can this be? How can the problem not be solved yet? Why wasn’t she warned, given her vulnerability, which she fully disclosed to them? I hope she can get out of her contract if she doesn’t have a connection by tomorrow!!
I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: New phone activation

Hello @RIW

This is happening with everyone. Many don't actually understand that it's not a Rogers employee that turns on the sim and functions. It's the back end system that does it...

I get what you are saying. However it can take from a few minutes to a few hrs. The reps should have advised that to her and yourself. I wonder if the rep was new and doesn't know or the system can vary. It can activate in a few minutes for some and few hrs for others.

For me it's always been 1-4hrs with Rogers and Telus. Bell took 1hr for my sisters work phone.