LTE Apple watch support and plan

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I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

Telus does not matter here.
If people wants watch phone now, they switch Bell; otherwise, they stay with Rogers.

I wish Apple's website mentioned Rogers somewhere.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I have to agree! @Meowmix has mentioned this already, but the ideal circumstances would call for communication and transparency, regardless of current circumstances for other carriers. I will also say, I still very much doubt that Bell has exclusivity for this device. If I'm wrong, then as mentioned, I would bet that the issue is the ability to support eSIM. 


I'm on the verge of buying, but because I'm on a corporate contract, I can't change providers. It would be in the hopes that it was coming soon and not next year where I would wait for the next generation to arrive (4?). Its also in Apples best interest to have Rogers on board. For those who won't switch over (there will be many) that might be a lost sale on this iteration. That makes for some tough forecasting for the following iterations provided they continue to support LTE. 


All in all, I'm going to sit tight for now and hope for the best.



I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

Hello @Staveros

Agreed. Instead of saying "at the moment we won't be getting it as we are Paying attention to the new iPhones"

They should have said " at this moment we won't be getting the new Apple watch 3 but rest assured that we will be getting it in the near future and it will be supported"

I think if they would have said that or something similar, it would have helped here.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

My point of view on this,

Even if Rogers doesn't confirm anything for the time being and tries to stay focus on the upcoming iPhone 8/ plus and iPhone X... it might not work on their advantage.

Why would a customer wanting to get an Apple watch series 3 with LTE upgrade to the newesr iPhone if it wants to jump ship from Rogers?

This status quo is not even good for Rogers who's trying to keep its head in the sand.


The worst thing Rogers can do at this moment is not to make any decision, it leave its customers hanging until they get fed up and make their own decision based on Rogers inertia, I am not sure that this is the situation Rogers should be entertaining right now. Technologies are evolving rapidily and right now Rogers is only showing it can't keep up as the others. 

The only bad decision Is no decision, but please no more of the we'll see later when our portfolio is updated, Rogers is still offering the Huawei GR5, Blackberry Dtek50, LG's time to get ahead instead of only trying to follow


I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

Competitor leapfrogs Rogers in wireless technology by adding support the new Apple Watch LTE!  What a terrible decision.  Even when wifi calling was announced, it took Rogers a full year to fully implement to extend support to unlocked phones bought from Apple!  Sad.

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

Agree with others that the eSIM provisioning is likely why Rogers is holding off - both the Rogers and Fido networks have VoLTE support, so that isn't the hurdle.


Could also be that they're running a little congested at some of their base stations and a little leery about the additional sessions all of these watches are going to eat up.


Could also be they need to do some updates to their switches to support dual IMSI (SIM) per number.


(that last one would strike me as funny...considering MCI had MCI One back in the early 2000's. Smiley Happy


In the case of Telus - could also be that they need to upgrade their networks in SK and MB to support VoLTE (are Bell and Telus not still sharing each others regional networks? - Bell it the east, Telus in the west?)


Any one of those could be Telus' delay as well.


Oh (and, yes, I'm planning on getting one - I'm on Fido), people might want to exercise some patience - the AW3 only has one hour of talk time - you may want others to be the one's finding the pain points before running out and buying one of these. Smiley Happy

I've Been Around
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Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I don't want to leave Rogers, we have Corporate and Small Business Plans with them but I am desperate for new cellular iWatch! Crazy thinking but could you get data plan from Bell for watch and then maybe forward your Rogers phone to that number if you were not in range of your phone?  Use the watch with wifi when within range of your phone? I am not super techy but just curious if there is some solution to use temporarily until Rogers supports the product.  Thanks!

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 21

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

All Apple Watches support Wifi calling (since WatchOS 2.0), so if your corporate plan supports wifi calling, you still can do that with the AW3 until Rogers/Fido have support for them (presumably next year).


What you're talking about is lighting up a new iPhone and Watch on Bell and forwarding your Rogers cell number to that Bell number.  Possible, sure, but pretty . expensive paying for two phones.


You just might want to wait and see what the pain points are for this new watch before investing.

I've Been Around
Posts: 1

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

If I want to get the Watch now with hope that Rogers will come around to supporting it in the next couple of months, do I just go to Rogers and enable that service when it is available?  I'm not familiar with eSIMs and how they work.

I Plan to Stick Around
Posts: 21

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

Rogers doesn't currently support the Apple Watch.  It's looking like it may be next year before they do.


You could get the watch now and gamble on when they'll allow you to activate it....  (me, I'm waiting until they do).


That way you also get to see what others experiences are with the Apple Watch 3 and be able to make a more informed purchase decision.

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