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LTE Apple watch support and plan

I Plan to Stick Around

Any idea on when the new Lte Apple watch will be supported on the Rogers network? If it is supported what would be the price plan? 




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Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I've Been Around
I love Rogers regardless some of it's short comings from time to time because of the value it gives to customers. But if it remains it's short coming not to support Apple Watch 3 LTE, that's not something to forgive!
How come Bell and Telus are ahead of you anticipating customer's needs!!!
Come on Rogers get sinched before Apple Watch LTE is out 😐

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I've Been Here Awhile

+1 on Rogers supporting the Apple Watch 3 LTE


Definitely considering switching to Telus if support is not announced by the time Telus makes it available.

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

It seems that Rogers cannot offer the Apple Watch LTE because their network needs to be upgraded. Bell made a great marketing move in readying theirs. Rogers will be surprised how many people switch.. not over a “watch” but over a next generation device that heralds the future of connectivity. Health apps, music connections, deviceless calling. This is no “watch” just like the iPhone was no mere “phone”. Rogers has missed the boat. Bell wins.

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

And one more thing...

Rigers is MIA in integration with Apple TV.Rogers cable box is so outdated. Their attempt at all digital TV ended in failure.

I also like CRAVE tv: the Rogers equivalent is history. What was it called...?

And magazines.. texture is nice but Bell’s linkup with Press Reader is better with more choices.

Re: LTE Apple watch support and plan

I'm a Trusted Advisor
Hello @Trk1951

Rogers was the only one to bring the iPhone 3G to Canada because the had GSM. Bell and Telus did not until I believe the 3GS or 4.

I get what u are saying but again it's everyone's decision on how they see it. Rogers most likely will get it at a later time or rather see the demand before they put millions into it. Rogers is bringing out their IPTV with Comcast in 2018. They do have alot of issues with their boxes and interface I do agree to that. Shomi was over all a Rogers and Shaw problem which happened to be that it did not make the cut as many still used Netflix and crave TV or other apps. It failed because many did not go for it even when it was free.

This has to do with the Apple watch and not all the other products they own. Let's stay on topic here...